He is apparently missing from the public view since his weekend unceremonious sacking from Cabinet. Fatty is avoiding the public view. That’s not a surprise. The disgraced former Interior Minister Mai Fatty needs a cool off, following his parting company with Adama Barrow, a man he calls “ my brother.” 

Fatty is inaccessible at this hour. He is avoiding the press for reasons best known to him. We have placed phone calls on his Facebook messenger, and cellular phone, but Fatty, wouldn’t pick up. He is indisposed for now. 

His own followers on Facebook had also missed his early morning postings. Fatty has curtailed his interactions with the public especially his social media followers.

Mr. Fatty’s Media adviser, and consultant Lamin Njie also wouldn’t respond to Freedom Newspaper’s request to interview his sacked boss. It appears that the duo have disappeared from the public view.

He has good reasons to be worried, as his former colleague Justice Minister Baa Tambadou is after his tail. There is more to the Mai’s sacking. The regime wants to proof that there was an alleged “conman” in cabinet extorting money from people. It is a complex case so to speak. 

In the meantime, a task force has been constituted to investigate  Mai Fatty’s financial dealings and conduct while in office. The Semlex scandal among other high-profile matters are to be investigated by the panel.

It is a known fact that Mai and Baa Tambadou could hardly get along. It was the usual “MASLA” syndrome between the duo.  

The Ministry of Justice is working with the taskforce to see if criminal charges could be filed against Mai Fatty. Banjul is going to be interesting in coming days.  Watch this space.

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