Dear Pa,

It is reported that HE Barrow is due to travel to Dubai to attend the “The Global Investment Conference and the 4th Annual CROSAPF summit.”

Pa, read between the lines of the press release and you will see an attempt to justify the trip by saying that HE Barrow is going to be part of a panel with other African presidents, and that this will give him the opportunity to sell the Gambia and attract investors.

HE Barrow should come out clean and tell the Gambian people the real purpose of his trip to Dubai.

HE Barrow should tell the Gambian people, who is providing the private jet for him and his delegation to travel to Dubai.

Report has it that the conference and summit is a smokescreen. DP World, who are lobbying to take over the Gambia Ports Authority, extended this invitation to the President. Pa, remember that the boss of DP World visited the Gambia and met with some ministers and staff of the office of the President. This trip by the President is nothing but deals.

Written By An Insider 

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