It is therefore now clear that the current leadership of the armed and other security services are incompetent to fulfil the aspired security reforms that all Gambians are yearning for in the third republic. 

First, CDS Kinteh and his accomplices are busy enriching themselves at the detriment of the lives of the Gambian people. Where Kinteh can be found wanting are many but for the sake of time let me disclose his eminent incompetence and biases. CDS Kinteh after his appointment, he surrounded himself with old guards who have been looking for jobs for the past couple of years. These were calculated moves because it will serve him an immunity to any malpractices he does. The likes of Mamat Cham who was unemployed for over 22 years, Martin, who was named in some of the alleged crimes directed by Yaya Yammeh, Saikou Seckan also unemployed for many years and currently mentally derailed and the Deputy CDS, who kept mute throughout those difficult times. These officers will not challenge Kinteh. 

CDS Kinteh has succeeded in controlling all the channels of communication that leads to the presidency. He makes sure that all security related information to reach the president goes through him, vets them and in most cases, hoarded the key elements contained in those messages. 

An IO reported an incident in Kanilai and when Kinteh got this message he never shared it with anyone and interestingly redeployed the IO from his former post and attached him to the current commission of inquiries. To do what there??

Cleverly efforts were made, and the message reached the executive. So, you can guess what happen after he was asked. 

What is the criteria he is using to reinstate officers and soldiers into the armed forces? We have seen that criminals of the former regime are still serving and those who fought the criminal regime are fighting their battle to be reinstated. Those who were convicted for alleged coups were reinstated and drug related offenses. Those who protested against the same regime are denied being reinstated.

CDS Badgie promoted some NCOS during the impasse and every member of the armed forces queried that fashion of promotion and it was halted and guess what when CDS Kinteh came he endorsed the promotion of these soldiers without a promotion board been constituted.

He is using the ignorant of the leadership of the country with regards to security matters to his advantage. The house he is using, and the government is billed three hundred and seventy five thousand per annum belongs to him. How was that arrangement done and who did the assessment of the value of the property?

He has over ten vehicles parked in that compound when there are officers who cannot have means of transport to get to work fast and easy. His motorcade has over five vehicles and nearly a platoon security guards when in some part of Serrekunda and other parts of the country are struggling daily with the unbearable thefts.

The members of the armed forces are not aware of any constitutional requirements that mandates the CDS to promote officers. We have seen recently that officers were lifted from Captain to Brigadier General and some from nothing to Colonel. He has redeployed the Yaya Jammeh promoted Colonels from battalions as battalion Commanders, but why is Turo Jawneh still a battalion Commander?

CDS Kinteh looted the meager resources of the armed forces even during the past regime. His shameless behavior of comforting his family with resources of the armed forces is going unabated. You cannot trust this poor boy with money.

When he was going to Germany, government paid his three-man delegation over a million and half to cover his trip. He has the guts and withdrew seventy thousand dollars from an account the purpose of which is yet to be known. 

When you have a dirty lining in your closet it will be hard to open your draw in public. Knowing the type of person, he is, CDS Kinteh has succeeded in silencing the Int/Sy of the armed forces. He appointed a finance clerk as the Director of int/Sy. The Deputy Director also an accomplice to Sana Sabally’s crimes has no training as an IO. He is using this officer as his errand boy. The unit has no means to trek their jurisdiction much more the country.
So, is this the transformation and reforms we are asking for? Your guess could be as good as mine.

Written By An Insiders

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the authors.  Thanks for your attention. 

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