The sacked Interior Minister Mai Fatty has been engaging his party supporters via Whatsapp. In a recorded message, Fatty reassured his supporters by saying that despite his removal from cabinet, he is more than determined and willing to work towards the development of the country. “Gambia’s future is in the hands of the GMC party. There is nothing that can stop that from happening. Our country’s future lies in the hands of the GMC. Nothing can stop that,” Fatty said while thanking his supporters for standing by him during this period.  

“ I am more resolute today towards Gambia’s cause than ever before. I will remain loyal to the Gambia and her people including the coalition government. I join cabinet in peace and I left in peace,” he said in the Mandinka dialect.

Mr. Fatty also took a swipe at those peddling allegations that his firing had to do with an alleged bribery. He said those peddling “such lies” are his enemies bent on smearing his image.

“There is too much talk all over the place. But the truth shall prevail. I want the GMC supporters to stand tall among Gambians. Keep your heads up. Never bend down. There is no need to shy; there is no embarrassment. Whatever message is said or peddled against me; know that I Mai Fatty’s believe in the truth at the end of the day. I join the government in peace; and I left in peace. There is no single dirt on me. If you happen to hear any information circulating about me; know that it is being bandit around by my enemies. There is no iota of truth in such  allegations. They are just making it up just for the sake of it,” Fatty said adding that he empathized with such pathological liars. He invoked the Koran saying that “may God shower his mercy on such liars.”

“ Even the prophet has enemies. All sorts of lies were peddled against “Naa Aisha.” God had to issue an “Iaya” to vindicate her in the eyes of all human beings. That chapter is still in the holy Koran. I am grounded on the truth; no human being or tornado can shake it. The truth is unshakable,” he said.   

“ GMC supporters, there is no need for panic or fear; the allegations are being peddled by my enemies. There is no iota of truth in the allegations. It was God who predestined that I would be removed from my Ministerial job for now; and only God knows what he holds for me in the future. I am fine. Nothing happen to me. GMC is also intact. GMC’s popularity is growing from strength to strength. The GMC will continue to flourish and nothing can stop that. Be resolute and continue to stand behind the GMC. There is no need for panic or fear,” Fatty added.

Mr. Fatty said his enemies are out to undermine and scare his political base. He advised the GMC supporters to remain clam and resolute, as the future is bright for his political party. 

” Their primary goal is to scare off my supporters so that they can leave the GMC. Do not allow to be consumed by fake news. They are out to undermine the GMC by peddling lies against its leader. The future is ours.  Where there is a  fight between lies and the truth, the truth shall win. We are on the side of the truth.  Lies can never last. We are in today; something might be said tomorrow; let us continue to place our faith in God, the Almighty; God is with the patient. I am an individual, who is patient. I will not betray my country and the government. I am committed to the GMC and its supporters. I love the Gambia and her people more than anything else. I am ready to die for the Gambia. I am ready to put my life on the line for the Gambia. Nothing can stop that,” he said while calling on the GMC supporters to work towards propagating the ideals of the party. 

” The truth shall prevail. A buried truth shall rise again. Lies never last. Lets watch and see, where things will end. I urge you to continue with the good work. Gambia’s future is in the hands of the GMC,” Fatty concluded. 

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