Dear Pa,

I received information that Mr. Alpha Barry chairman of GPA and nephew to VP FJT is the person lobbying HE Barrow to handover the running of the Ports to DP World. Mr. Barry is part of HE Barrow’s delegation to Dubai.

You will recall that Mr Barry replaced the former chairman of GPA immediately after the coalition government came to power. Mr. Barry’s appointment as chairman of GPA was facilitated by VP FJT. VP FJT and Mr. Barry’s mum are sisters. There’s blatant nepotism and selfishness in this appointment; all geared towards pursuing the agenda of the VP and her family members.

HE Barrow must be transparent and do what is right in the interest of the Gambia. He should be mindful of the personal interest of the Chairman and others whose objectives are to strike deals to for them to make money at the expense of the Gambians. Whatever is done people are taking notes and the day of reckoning will come.


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