National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) insiders have alleged that the company was recently billed D80,000 dalasis by the Kerr Fatou show, so that the management of the company can appear on the popular TV show aired on GRTS to inform its customers about the logistical challenges that the company is experiencing—leading to the massive power outages and water shortages facing the impoverished West African nation, the Freedom Newspaper can report. NAWEC, said the insiders, never hesitated to paying the D80,000 dalasis guest appearance fees to the Kerr Fatou show hosts. Management was desperate in its quest to relating their own side of the story to their disenchanted customers, said our sources. NAWEC insiders couldn’t understand why the company should be billed for merely using the Kerr Fatou show to engage its customers.

According to the NAWEC insiders, a complaint was lodged with the GRTS management about the conduct of the Kerr Fatou crew, which prompted an internal investigation to be launched by the state broadcaster. Although, Ebrima Sillah Director General of GRTS, has denied having knowledge about the said internal investigation regarding the purported transaction involving Kerr Fatou and NAWEC. Sillah advised that we should direct our media query to Kerr Fatou and not GRTS.

“That’s news to me. GRTS is not conducting any internal investigations. You need to contact Kerr Fatou,” Sillah said.

Fatou Touray, the host for the Kerr Fatou show was contacted via her Facebook page for comment. She hasn’t responded to our media query yet.

Kerr Fatou and GRTS entered into a contractual agreement for the show to be aired. The NAWEC saga has opened the Pandora box, said a GRTS insider. There are other issues of concern to management, which involves the Kerr Fatou show, said the insider.

Shortly after the piece hits the newsstand, we received a message from Fatou Touray: ” Am in the studio editing. Will get back to you when am done. Thank you bro,” she said. 

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