Dear Pa,

NAWEC with financing from the World Bank is implementing a project titled “Gambia Electricity Support Project”, Loan No./Credit No./Grant No. P152659.

In August 2017, NAWEC published a “Special Procurement Notice” for the contract title: “Replacement and Rehabilitation of damaged Equipment at Kotu Power Station”. The contract has two lots namely: Lot 1 and Lot 2.

GTG, the company owned by Mr. Muhammed Bazzi and Fadi, closed associates of former President Jammeh and principal witness to the Janneh commission participated in this tender. NAWEC following the evaluation of the bids received are on the verge of awarding the above-mentioned contract to GTG.

Pa, it’s incomprehensible that NAWEC and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, knowing all the damaging revelations about the past activities of Bazzi in the energy sector, allowed GTG to participate in the tender. How can GTG who stole millions of Dollars from the Gambian people, supplied second generators and low quality fuel be entertained to participate in any tender in our New Gambia. It’s crystal clear that our authorities are still sleeping and are being once again taken for a ride by Bazzi and Co. Dubious dealings are apparent in this matter. Bazzi and Co should have been blacklisted by HE Barrow’s coalition government and barred from doing any business in the energy sector especially with NAWEC. 

HE Barrow are you aware that NAWEC allowed GTG to participate in the above stated tender and are on the verge of awarding a works contract to them, under your watch, when Bazzi and Co are the main subject of the ongoing Janneh commission. While Bazzi is challenging the interim order of the Janneh Commission, which is not in the national interest, NAWEC and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy are entertaining and dealing with him. Surely your officials are not thinking right and doing their job properly.

Bazzi and Co destroyed the electricity sector and they are the cause of our current predicament. HE Barrow you must ensure Bazzi and Co are not entertained anyway or form in the New Gambia. It’s noted with concern that certain members of HE Barrow’s coalition government are dealing with Mr. Bazzi underground to the detriment of the Gambia. 

HE Barrow, please stop the nonsense going on in the electricity sector otherwise your objectives of solving the perennial electricity problems would be far-fetched. 

Written By A NAWEC Insider

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