Gambia: Amie Bensouda Was Yahya Jammeh’s Lawyer-Letter Writer Alleges!


Amie Bensuoda Again!

I read with a lot of interest your recent story titled ‘”Yahya Jammeh Used to Borrow Money from Me,” Amadou Samba tells Commission’. What shocked me was the revelation that Amie Bensuoda was a solicitor for Yahya Jammeh! Wonders will never end. Amie Bensuoda a solicitor for Yahya Jammeh? So, she is a major beneficiary of Yahya Jammeh’s loot. That woman is something else.

Unconfirmed rumors are circulating in town that she had tax-related troubles with the Justice Aghali Commission of the 1990s. She had similar troubles with the Mama Singhateh Tax commission of 2013. Amie Bensuoda is a serial tax dodger. She should be at Mile 2, not at the commission. You know, tax evasion is a criminal offence everywhere in the world. She is sitting there at the commission asking people about misuse of public funds, whereas she is a …. Who knows whether she has been paying her taxes since the dictator went into exile? The GRA should check her out. As you know, she is earning 500,000 Dalasis monthly as a counsel to the commission. Is she paying her income tax on that money? 

As has been revealed at the commission, she also benefited from Yahya Jammeh by acting as a solicitor for the dictator. She knew that Kanilai Family Farm belonged to the dictator, yet she collected hefty sums of money from doing business with the dictator. Logically, the palatial building she built at Kololi was built with a allegedly money from the state because she knew that what the dictator was doing was wrong because he was using public money to buy private properties and as a lawyer she should have even sued Yahya Jammeh. But she kept quiet and enriched herself at the expense of the Gambian people. As I said before, logically her wealth is derived from the ill-gotten wealth of Yahya Jammeh, which was public fund. Therefore, the state should now confiscate her palatial building at Kololi. It was built with a allegedly money from the state. 

I thought Amie Bensuoda was a clean woman. I used to respect her a lot, but all these revelations have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that she was an accomplice, an enabler and a major beneficiary of Yahya Jammeh’s plunder of our national treasury.

Amie Bensuoda should and must face the commission to answer critical questions. I believe that if she is grilled by the commission, more startling revelations will come out. That is my sincere belief.

In the service of the motherland.


Editors note: The views expressed by the author are sorely that of his. The author’s views doesn’t represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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