Gambia: Re: Amadou Samba VS The Janneh Commission Of Inquiry


Hi Pa,

I would refrain from disclosing my identity for now. Hoping in due course that would happen. I have actually met you in person at the London carnival weekend when you visited the park. Also, this email is just an advise to you so you have a better idea of the commission (not a request to publish). It’s about the commission, its members and the settling of old scores. What they have demonstrated so far is clearly not Gambia’s interest. And if know very well that you are after Gambia’s interest.

This would be the first time I would get in touch, I have been a follower and listener of the Freedom since 2009. My reason for contacting you is not to side with Mr Samba nor to go against him. I am talking along the lines of the interest of The Gambia.

I do understand in the past you have had issues with Mr Samba, especially relating to the legal suit he filed against you and his support for Jammeh (a dictator in this case), was unethical and we on the other side didn’t like his association to Dictator Jammeh. Now that we have reached this stage, and we have heard the testimonies by Mr Samba, so far, the commission haven’t still brought anything in evidence that was illegal against Mr Samba, whatever they had been coming up it ends up being Mr Samba acted on behalf of Jammed etc etc.

The Gambia is a poor country and it does need investors like Mr Samba, they employ people, they pay taxes etc. Look at Mr Samba and the remainder of his life span, logically you can clearly see that the Gambia Government and Gambians themselves would end up making way more revenues from his business empire in The Gambia. The wise move would be to investigate him thoroughly and where he had done anything illegal he would be told to repay. Then let him be and his investments keep giving Gambians jobs and taxes. Then the entire Gambia becomes the winner not Amadou Samba. This is what the west would had done rather than bringing his business empire down as that is a national loss.

Janneh Commission:

Pa, Both I and you did know how the PPP regime was ran, we knew the ‘hamnga man man fans’ etc. Janneh himself belonged to this group, and it does seem to appear this commission is being changed to settling old scores between the previous elites and the ones that survived during era. And we ( you and all Gambians that fought dictatorship) are not out to settle scores, but we want a democratic Gambia, a Gambia free from corruption, a Gambia with a fair justice system, a Gambia that is moving forward with lots of investments coming in, jobs, stability to name a few. We did not fight so that folks come in to settle old scores.

In the early 90’s (this was before Jammeh)  Amadou Samba launched GACEM a $2 million cement Silo, the first cement factory in The Gambia, then Hatib Janneh ( JIMPEX) was the main importer of cement. Amadou came in and brought all the price down and it was affordable countrywide, the number of people stopped building with sand reduced ( Banku Bung). Hatib Janneh by then was powerful and well connected to the Jawara regime, did everything to shut down GACEM, and Amadou was given no incentives and GACEM was struggling to survive. When Jammeh came in he met Amadou through the contracts awarded to Pierre Kujabi, the table changed. But this was not because of Amadou’s fault, Jammeh came from nowhere.

Now that the change we yearned for came we see the Amie Bensoudas, Janneh et al surfacing and their intention is settling old scores, when we Gambians are not after settling old scores. We want justice, if Amadou and any other person facing the commission at any point did engage to something of illegal nature and there is evidence then justice should prevail. Gambia is bigger than all of them including members of the commission and folks appearing before the commission like Amadou Samba etc. You can do more research and background check on most of the commission members and you would clearly link them to the previous elite society that was running things during Jawara’s regime, which is not bad, but their interest should be Gambia but not settling old scores.

Thank you Pa, wishing you Good luck, health and a happy new year in advance.

Written By A Concerned Reader

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