Gambia: When Will Our Sleeping President Appoint A New Interior Minister?


President Adama Barrow is one of the slowest presidents the Gambia has ever had. He lacks attention to details. Perhaps, this could be attributed to his leadership deficiencies. Barrow must cease to operate as a ceremonial leader and pay attention to details. So, far he has found wanting his constitutional responsibilities as a leader.

We do need to remind him that once a given Minister is fired, he or she needs to be replaced without delay. He has fired his Interior Minister, and yet couldn’t find a replacement for Mai Fatty. His office staff had to remind him that he needs to find a replacement for Fatty; otherwise he will forget.

Since assuming the presidency, Barrow has been relying on his so called team of recycled former Jammeh appointees with some half baked UDP political appointees to steer the affairs of the nation. There is nothing new in the so called new Gambia. Development has been stalled—thanks to the lack of clear blueprint for national development.

You look at the economy, it appears that there is no economic activity taking place in the country. Businesses are closing; banks are at the risk of facing insolvency; private sector growth is virtually dead. There are no encouraging indications for local and foreign direct investment.

Mr. Barrow should get to work and stop the procrastination. The country is in need of a dynamic and focused leader.


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