Gambia: Is President Barrow Trying To Cover GFF Tax Fraud ?


The president of the Republic of The Gambia seems to have no regard for the Minister of Youth and Sports, Henry Gomez and The National Sports Council.

The minister through the Sports Council has instituted an investigation Team led by the Chairman of the National Assembly Sports Select Committee, Mr Alhagie S Darboe to probe into allegations of match fixing, constitutional violations and serious financial fraud.

Half way into the investigation, FIFA wrote a warning letter for possible sanctions if the Sports Council did not rescind its decision on suspending the GFF by Monday 27th of November, 2017. The sports council called a Press Conference today and clear its stand of no turning back on the investigation.

The GFF on the other hand were busy lobbying from the Permanent Secretary of Youth and Sports to the Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service and also UDP big wigs to make sure the president intervene to avoid further investigation. GFF has succeeded because President Adama Barrow has already ordered the Ministry to come up with a Press Release tomorrow morning to stop all the investigations until further notice.

Does the president really care about The Gambia?

It was just discovered by the investigators that the criminals running our football are involved in serious tax fraud. The millions Dalasis of withholding tax diverted was meant to be paid to GRA. The tax evaded was shared among some GFF exco members and the owners of the two companies. According to GRA officials the liability is now entirely on our poor Federation.

The preliminary tax liability including penalties on the two contracts awarded to General Procurement Services Company and Shrenji Enterprises is close to seven (7) million Dalasis. There are credible evidences that shows that GFF willfully conspired with the two companies to defraud the Gambia and the Football Federation millions of Dalasis.

A Concerned Citizen

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