Gambia: The Two Fatus Have Shaken Sweden!


Sweden is in the news again, as social media was bombarded with messages late Monday, with some folks calling for a reconciliation between the two former close friends, and now turned strange bedfellows. All these, happened as Fatu Camara of the Fatu network visits her family in Sweden. Fatu and her former colleague MamaLinguere are not in speaking terms; hence the likes of Kani Susso, another Gambian sister went live on Facebook saying that the duo should reconcile their past differences and bury the hatchets once and for all. Hours later, she deleted her video for reasons best known to her. She said she has in the past tried to reconcile Fau and Mama but to no avail.

Over the weekend, Fatu Camara was seen in the busy streets of Stockholm in the company of her friend Fatoumatta Cooker. The duo recorded a selfie trash talk video while walking towards their booked hotel. The video immediately went viral. It alerted Gambians in Sweden about Fatu’s presence in the city.

Now, there are different camps on Facebook discussing the two Fatus and Mama Linguere.

Regardless of what the picky backers might be driving at; please do not distract our good sister Fatu Camara from her short vacation in Sweden. Please let her be.  Fatu should stay away from the cameras for now for her own privacy. LOL.

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