Gambia: Congratulations Muhamed Jah


Muhamed, I for one will always encourage progress in any form regardless of the person behind the positive action. If we Africans today respect any white person pass by it is simply because of the development levels of their countries of origin. That is why we Africans should all strive to make Africa look like the West and even surpass those developed nations so that Black people all over the world will gain the respect in the eyes of the Whites.

Your relentless efforts and contributions in transforming our country into a much more progressive nation deserves a pat on the back. I will always encourage and help people achieve bigger success for who knows who will benefit from the business development creation? But certainly, some workers will take paycheck home.

Having said the above it is also incumbent upon you as Muslim and son of an Imam for that matter, to start thinking of creating a ‘Qcell Foundation” where you will put your ‘Zakat” for social assistance from the very people who are your customers in your various business activities. By doing so you will discharge you GODLY duties and make the needy happy.

Brother Muhamed, your namesake Prophet Muhamed SAW could have been the richest man in Mecca but Allah destined Him to be the Best Character Person on Earth.  There is certainly no greater reward from Allah bestowed on a man.

Lives’ best gesture is take and give and give and take, always give for the hand that gives is the one that receives. Never mind the amount, the gesture alone is pleasing to Allah and the person in front of you.

My Old Dad, late Alh Girigara Njie thought me not to accumulate wealth but to accumulate good deeds, for only the goods deeds will make Allah be pleased with you and will make the people to remember and pray for you in this timeless world. The likes of Mame Cheick Bamba, Alhaj Malick Sy, and Mame Bai Niass, not to mention Imams Al Boukhary, Moslim and Malick will be remembered and quoted for the remaining time that Allah ordained.

Keep it up young man and open up to ALL that need to use the beautiful edifices, the TV and other facilities that were deservedly inaugurated. It is a first of its kinds in the Gambia and we are proud of it. Always remember that happiness is in the heart and not outside the heart. A day will come when the world will mean nothing to you and your final destination.


Pa Njie Girigara.

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