Gambia: Letter Writer Unveils Names Of President Barrow’s New Political Force And Friends!


Dear Mr Mbai,

For your information, Adama Barrow’s administration’s failure and downfall will be caused by the following people: they are interested in their own pockets rather than the interest of Gambians.

They are as followed:

1 Fatou Ceesay Ambassador at Large.

2 Ebrima Ceesay Secretary to Cabinet; He is the same Mother and Father with Fatou Ceesay from Jarra.

3 Musa Drammeh Presidential adviser for Investment from Sandu Diabugou.

4 Yankuba Saidy Permanent Secretary Investment from Jarra

5 Dawda Fadera Secretary General from Kiang.

These people have fully controlled our accidental President Adama Barrow. Musa Drammeh used to tell Adama Barrow(MANSAYA)is a word, whatever you promised or said, must be executed, because there was one investor he is thinking the agreements will fail by Barrow, then he start telling this word.

These people are the very people giving bad intention to Adama Barrow to disrespect what was agreed with coalition; their advise to him is to form his own Political Party to start with Barrow Movement; those behind that conspiracy are:

1 Yusupha Cham Political adviser to the President from Kombo Sukuta.

2 Lamin Cham Protocol, also youth President UDP from Kiang.

3 Dou Sanou position unknown both state House and UDP; but very powerful at state House from Kora Julakunda Jimara.

4 Woudeh Ceesay protocol.

Best Regards

From A Patriotic Gambian

Editors note:  The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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