Gambia: Weekend Bombshell: The True Story About The Agric Ministry Power Struggle; OJ Jallow Is Right; Fadera And His Team Exposed!


It is now clear that the disgraced Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service Dawda Fadera is behind the mess at the Agriculture Ministry, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report.  Fadera is a dangerous political hack, who is determined to undermine and disparage the reputation of Omar Amadou Jallow, the respected Agriculture Minister, before his imminent departure from the State House. All indications suggest that Mr. Fadera is waiting for his “AGREEMA” from the United States. He has been shortlisted for an Ambassadorial position at the Gambian Embassy in Washington DC. Plan B, is to have him at the Gambian mission at the United Nations if Washington turns down his AGREEMA.

It has been gathered from competent and reliable sources that OJ Jallow and President Adama Barrow had a conversation about the vacant PS position at the Ministry of Agriculture. Both OJ and Barrow agreed that Assan Jallow should succeed Sait Drammeh, whose contract has expired. But Dawda Fadera ran behind the president to overrule the agreement he had with OJ.

We will back up our reportage with official documents in our subsequent publications. Stay tuned.

Fadera, the poisonous snake at the State House engineered the appointment of Ousman Jammeh, a former Jammeh enabler as PS number one at the Agric Ministry. It is a known fact that both Fadera and Ousman were JK’s boys during the peak of the dictatorship.

The appointment of Ousman Jammeh as Deputy Minister by Yahya Jammeh, landed many Agric officials including Assan Jallow, Sait Drammeh, and others in Jammeh’s prison gallows. Mr. Jammeh himself later became a victim of JK’s power abuses. He was also sacked and jailed.

Ousman’s appointment was purely calculated to show seeds of discord in that important ministry. After all, Ousman Jammeh’s contract expired, just like in the case of Sait Drammeh. This nonsense refusal to renew workers’ contract came from Fadera. He wants to install his political hacks into the system before assuming his upcoming foreign service assignment.

For the record, sources within the Agric Ministry, have intimated that Assan Jallow has no family relationship with OJ Jallow. The duo shared the same last names, but that doesn’t mean that they are related, our source said.

Ousman Jammeh’s appointment rescinded.

Ousman Jammeh’s appointment has been rescinded. This followed president Barrow’s intervention to end the mess Dawda Federa perpetrated at the Agric Ministry. The president has agreed with OJ that Assan Jallow is the most qualified person to succeed Sait Drammeh.

In order to satisfy knucklehead Fadera and his camp, a directive was given for Mr. Ousman Jammeh to be appointed to head the Department of Agricultural Services. Mr. Jammeh has since reported to work. He is Fadera’s mole at the Ministry.

The infighting at the Agric Ministry is about money, position and power. OJ recently made a decision by ensuring that agricultural developmental projects are efficiently and adequately funded. His patriotic decision is now costing him all these hate and envy.

The likes of Fadera wanted to lay their hands on the funds, but that never happened. Hence, which led to the jealously, envy, and the discrete undermining of the powers that be at the Ministry.

A good number of Agric officials wanted to tender their resignation when news reached them that Ousman Jammeh was hired to replace Sait Drammeh. These concerned officials, had a personal disdain for Jammeh. They blamed Ousman Jammeh for allowing himself to be allegedly used by the exiled dictator Yahya Jammeh. They said they rather resign than having Ousman Jammeh to be appointed PS number one.

Assan Jallow Appointed PS Number One

Before going to press on Friday, our able and competent sources at the State House said Assan Jallow has been appointed PS number one at the Agriculture Ministry. Jallow has received his letter of appointment. He is Ousman Jammeh’s boss.

Though, some insiders at the Agric Ministry are not happy that Ousman Jammeh was offered the position of Director General of Agricultural Services. They are of the view that Dawda Fadera is still determined to undermine OJ and his team.

It would be recalled that Dawda Fadera and his team orchestrated the firing of Ebrima Jawara the son of the former president Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara. Mr. Jawara’s appointment as DG of Agric services was rescinded amid a protest from his former colleagues that he should not be allowed to head that Department. Jawara was subsequently sent on a civilize exile. He was redeployed to the  Foreign Service as Deputy Chief of Mission at the Gambian embassy in Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, OJ and his delegation are in Morocco. They are expected back in Banjul on Monday.

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