Grammy winner Senegalese Ndaga star Youssou Ndour has released a diss song against his critics, and haters. The diss song is titled: “ BUL NANGU – ALBUM RAXAS BERCY 2017.” The song has gone viral. It is part of his new album. One of the verses talked about hateful, jealous and envious people, whom, according to Youssou Ndour, do not deserve the attention of meaningful people. He branded such folks as enemies of progress and attention seekers.

The Senegalese oldest musician opines that by responding to such haters, one is giving them unnecessary buzz and relevance in the public view. His advice to his followers and fans is: Ignore haters and attention seekers.

Mbye Gaye Faye, one of the singers in Youssou band sang after Youssou by saying that too much hate could be harmful to one’s wellbeing. He said haters are part of the devil’s Kingdom—warning that Karma is a bitch; that the same hatred harbored against progressive people by their haters could turn as a snake and bite the very haters.

Youssou Ndour then came with another verse: “One can hate you for no reason. If you ask him or her, he wouldn’t be able to tell you why he despised you. Hate is a disease. Do not let haters and envious people trample with your life. Do not deal with them; do not hangout with them; do not respond to them; by responding to them; you are giving them buzz.”

For Youssou Ndour, haters should be snubbed; they deserve no attention. He talked about having a select set of friends; he hangout with.

Youssou thinks that one owning a flashy car; luxurious home; and smelling good is the only solution to haters. He advised that one shouldn’t have the company of haters.

All said and done, one is compelled to ask: who is Youssou Ndour dissing in his new album? Many names have surfaced since this celebrated song was released.

One thing is certain though, Assane Diouf the deported Senegalese political activist from the United States is on Youssou’s mind. He has been using his social media platform to rain insults at Youssou; his family, and business partners. Diouf has also been critical of president Macky Sall.

He was recently taken into custody, after the government in Senegal said he was becoming a naissance and public danger. This followed a brawl he had with Mourit followers.

Youssou Ndour has never received such a bad publicity on social media since he became Senegal’s leading artist. Assan Diouf has been calling for the boycott of Youssou’s shows; particularly the recently concluded Bercy held in France.

Diouf has a strong following in Paris, and elsewhere in the western world. He earns his notoriety through the usage of profanity. Hence, many followed him online. He has become the attack dog against Senegal’s most powerful, famous and influential leaders.

Youssou’s recent diss song goes to show that what his critics and haters are saying is getting into his skin. As the saying goes: Silence is golden. But Youssou couldn’t nurse the pain and attacks he has long been suffering in the hands of his online bullies. Hence, which necessitated the diss song.

The song came at a time, when online bullying and hate is growing in the Senegambian region. The song will no doubt help victims of online bullying to take the high moral road and ignore their haters.

As rightly articulated by Youssou Ndour, some folks are attention seekers. They are using the internet to seek relevance. They will pick on any powerhouse to sell their agenda to their unsuspecting followers.

We do not want to believe that Youssou is picking on Wally Seck the son of Thione Seck. Wally and Youssou’s son Biran Ndour are best of friends. Though, there is a documented history of bad blood between the duo’s parents. Youssou and Thione had a past beefing history.

Wally’s musical career is shaping superbly well. His style of music is different from Youssou’s generation of music. That’s a fact.

News in the grapevine also had it that Wally Seck is about to set up a major television station in Senegal, which will be used as a platform to showcase musical talents on the continent and beyond. It will also cover breaking news stories in Senegal and elsewhere on the continent. His TV station will compete with Youssou’s TFM TV station.

Wally is young though; but he is full of wisdom and drive to succeed in this artistic and media industry. Watch the space.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Email: [email protected]

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