Thione Seck Takes A Jab At Youssou Ndour!


Mbalax star Thione Seck is taking a jab at his long time musical rival Youssou Ndour. Seck said the people of Senegal will continue to talk about his rivalry with Youssou Ndour because Youssou wants to deny him to eat from a basin owned by all and sundry. He was referring to the musical industry, in which he said Youssou wants to dominate and deny others to compete with him. He jokingly mocked Youssou. He portrayed Ndour as someone, who fears competition.

Seck said both him and Yossou are aging. He said the musical industry is like a river, in which fishermen fish on a daily basis. He said Senegal artists such as Baba Maal, Omar Pene, Kumba Gawlo including himself, had the same right like Youssou Ndour to fish from the river (referring to the musical industry). He said he will stand up to anyone determined to deny him access to the industry. He added that his problems with Youssou Ndour stem out from Ndour’s wishful belief that he owns the musical industry.

Thione Seck has released hundreds of songs and albums over the years. He said he did not know whether he is Senegal’s “messi” or not, but as far as music is concerned; he maintained that his artistic work will continue to pass the test of time.

Meanwhile, Youssou Ndour has responded. He said his recently released diss song was aimed at addressing his haters. He said there are haters in Senegal. Hence, he deemed it imperative to compose the diss song. He did not name his haters in the song, but Youssou maintains that the song will help to raise awareness in Senegal.

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