An American Interior Designer and Real Estate Investor said she is a victim of scam, as she accused Assan Faal, a former US broker and the current Chief Executive Officer of Gambia’s investment agency (GIEPA) of allegedly extorting one hundred and thirty-three thousand dollars ($133,000) from her prior to Faal abruptly leaving the US for the Gambia back in 2015.  Maria Myrick lives in Illinois, Chicago. Mr. Faal was Maria’s broker at “SCOA Capital Investment” before things went south with the Gambia born Broker. Faal’s broker license has been revoked by FINRA amid fraud allegations against the former Illinois broker.

“When he left, myself and other investors were under the impression that SCOA was a Capital investment company that he was taking to Gambia and he has investment money that supposedly was in a hedge fund. This was in September 2015. He was supposed to have been back two weeks when he left.  Well, we are aware that he is still there. He has not come back. He has not return any monies and he pretty much tries to cut off all communication with everyone,” Ms. Myrick told the Freedom Newspaper on Monday.

Faal worked at Stifel in Chicago, according to Ms. Myrick. He started with a company called SCOA Capital investments.

“He says SCOA is still functional in the Gambia, but not in Chicago.  I have names and photos of the SCOA team from Chicago and the Gambia,” she added.

Assan Faal has been under the radar of the FEDS. He has been designated as a risky broker by major financial institutions in the United States. An online research on Faal uncovered disturbing revelations.

Ms. Myrick was introduced to the Freedom Newspaper by a Gambian based in the United States. She has made desperate attempts to recover her investment funds from Assan Faal, but to no avail.

“I found out after he was gone that FINRA banned him permanently because of misappropriation of other funds as well as information that I supposed he did not present to them. So, I am not sure how he has the job he has there; if Gambia is informed what he has done here; be it other investments there; and I have recordings and text, where he is stating what he has; and he has given me excuse after excuse of returning it, which has not,” she lamented.

“I got a call from him yesterday because I put some information out on twitter; and he found out and now he is very angry. He is supposed to give me, a payment which he is been giving me for a long time. He claims tomorrow he is supposed to get the funds from somewhere,” she added.

When asked how much did Assan  Faal owed her, Maria said: “He owes me a total of one hundred and thirty-three thousand dollars ($133,000).  He knew what he was doing because he left here without anyone knowing.  And he knew he wasn’t “gonna” return. I have texts where he is telling me about the projects that he is doing over there in the Gambia. And in one of the projects supposedly a Nigerian stole his check (cheque) book and debit card. I was trying to help him get a new one from Bank of America, but he claims that he can’t get a new one unless he comes here to go to the branch because it was considered fraud; that someone stole it.”

Mr. Assan Faal could not be reached for immediate comment.

Meanwhile, Maria Myrick has agreed to appear live on Freedom Radio Gambia on Tuesday to relate her story to the world. She said she is more than willing to discuss her case on air.

Below is an online search we conducted, which is traced to Assan Faal running a  blog on the internet.

About: Assan Faal  

Assan Faal works as an investment banker, advisor, and executive in the Chicago area. Throughout his tenure as a Broker-Dealer with Edward Jones, Mr. Faal has increased revenues by 40% annually and won the national sales award six consecutive years. Within two years of starting at the company, Mr. Faal was promoted to Marketing Director. Passionate about the financial industry, Faal provides the necessary expertise to advise clients about various investments and possesses extensive experience with securities, stocks, real estate, and bonds. Outside of individual financial guidance, he consults and negotiates with corporations on mergers and acquisitions.

In 2000, Assan Faal graduated with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan. He passed the Series 7 and Series 66 financial examinations and is registered to work as a Government Securities Broker. In addition, he holds memberships in the Global African Market Initiatives and Banking Executives Summit Counsel. Throughout his career, Faal has assisted individuals, companies, and government agencies in business deals. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Finance and Business at the University of Chicago.

In his spare time, Assan Faal involves himself with charitable organizations. In this domain, economic growth and human rights on the African continent represent Faal’s key areas of interest. He also donates to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Faal enjoys reading, playing sports, and staying current on political issues.


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