APRC supporters have come under attack in Busumbala. They were on their way from the countryside on tour, when their convoy came under attack. A one year old baby was injured during the incident. He was hit by a stone thrown to the convey. Some of the vehicles windscreens were also damaged.

A disgruntled APRC supporter wondered as to why they are always attacked each time the APRC convey reaches Busumba. He pleaded with the party’s leadership to allow the party supporters to fight back.

Though Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the APRC interim leader has always prevailed on his followers to be law abiding. But the APRC supporters could be heard saying “it is about time to retaliate against what they called the bullies.”

The political violence resulted to massive destruction to poverty. A container filled with goods was vandalized. Vehicle windscreens were also broken into pieces.

The United Democratic Party (UDP) is commanding a strong base of loyalists in Busumbala. The showdown was between the UDP supporters and the APRC supporters.

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