Following the firing of Mai Fatty last year, Semlex seemed to have lost its biggest booster in The Gambia.  It appears that the company is making a big comeback with Sheriff Tambedou the lawyer who is now doing most of the work of the company in The Gambia taking over from Salieu Taal.

The company has been reeling from very negative press coverages around Africa from the respected Reuters .  The latest blow came with the report by Reuters on 27th December 2017 that the company was engaged in bribery and corruption in the Comoros including the sale of national documents to individuals on sanctions lists such as terrorists.  The Comoros government has responded by asking the US and Interpol for help:

In The Gambia however, Semlex has become very popular in the corridors of power in Banjul especially with Ba Tambedou the brother of Sheriff and the country’s justice Minister.  Their fans also include the President Adama Barrow.

I can declare to Gambians that Semlex will be declared the winner of the recently concluded tender for the biometric ID even though Semlex did not participate in the bid.  The Gambia government has fallen in love with Semlex and they are here to stay.

Written By Gambia’s Deep Throat

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