An APRC mum had her one-year old baby injured on the head during the UDP/APRC clash in Busumbala on Wednesday. The baby was rushed to a local clinic for immediate medical attention. He has been referred to the Brikama Health Center after been briefly seen by nurses at Busumbala. Medical workers who attended to the baby said they do not have the required medications to treat the baby. Hence, he was referred to Brikama.  He is a victim of political violence.

The political thuggery needs to stop. We call on Ousainou Darboe, the leader of the United Democratic Party to restraint his supporters. Such barbaric attacks on the APRC is becoming a common recurrence in the country. We condemn it in the strongest terms.

The Busumbala incident was unprovoked. Some mindless and hooligan UDP supporters orchestrated the attack, which led to the unfortunate injury of this innocent child, whose only crime was being in the company of her mum and the APRC touring convey.

A similar incident occurred few days ago, at the president’s home village in Mankamang kunda, in the upper river region of the Gambia. APRC supporters came under attack when they reached the village. Some followers of Fabakary Tombong Jatta were injured.

The president’s office has issued a statement apologizing for the unfortunate incident. But it is our fervent belief that no one is above law in the Gambia, including the villagers of Mangkamang kunda. We expect the police to do its job by pressing charges against the law breakers.

Today, we are hearing about the unruly conduct of the UDP militants in Busumbala. The recent spate of UDP violence against the former ruling APRC supporters is becoming worrisome. It deserves a national condemnation.

The UDP has been known to be a peaceful party during Jammeh’s era. The party and its supporters had endured all forms of violent attack over the years from the former APRC. But as the saying goes: Two wrongs cannot make a right.

We call on the UDP leadership to prevail on its supporters to learn to forgive and forget. The current culture of political violence will only breed insecurity and further alienate the UDP from Gambians, who had look up to their party, as a vanguard viable opposition during the past Jammeh dictatorship.

If it means expelling unruly UDP supporters, so be it, but Mr. Darboe should not watch by and allow few renegade supporters of his party undermining the peace and stability of this country.

So far, the UDP leadership hasn’t issued any statement to disavow the alleged conduct of its supporters. We hope they will issue a statement in coming hours. This will help to ease the mounting tensions. The APRC supporters are said to be planning to avenge the attack meted out to its followers.

We once again call for the respect for the law in the new Gambia. We need peace and not violence. Thanks for your attention.

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