Amnesty International has been working on a documentary on the role of Human Rights Defenders during the 22 years of Jammeh’s in power, an invitation letter sent to the Freedom Newspaper by Amnesty to witness the event read.

“The documentary “ We never gave up:  stories of courage in Gambia “ is almost ready and we hope to do the premiere in Gambia on Wednesday 17 January . We are really pleased with the documentary and very excited to launch it. The documentary aims to show the important role played by Human Rights Defenders in Gambia,” said Mariam Sawadogo, Research, Campaigns and Communication Assistant for Amnesty International.

Our plans said Amnesty, “include a screening at the Ebunjang Theatre on 17 January 2018 at 6:00 pm and we would also like to have  a panel discussion after the screening. It would be a 3 panel member discussion open to the audience for their reactions to the film.”

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