Open Letter To President Barrow

Dear Sir,


It is my heavy heart and teary eyes resulting from last night’s unfortunate political incident at Busumbala that made me sit up at this hour of the night to get a quick letter of counsel on a burning issue that a few emotional fellows out of a population of about two million are relentlessly trying to mislead you to a path your predecessors have regretfully taken on the oppositions.

Sir, opposition-government relation is a dry and robust frictional relationship that has been in existence for ages and commonality to many countries around the globe and the mismanagement of which has served as ingredients to many civil unrests leading to a large scale of morbidity and mortality for many mainly the vulnerable women and children.

Moreover, at home and in our history, we have either witnessed or learnt the occurrence of such political frictions notably that of the PPP government and the opposition NCP and the APRC government and the opposition UDP.

And a quick and careful revisit of these two frictional relationships in our history, will unveil a lot of unpleasant stories that should serve as a caution for your government’s relationship to the oppositions particularly the APRC in order to prevent a resurface of those ugly situations of the past government-opposition relationships.

There is of course an antidote to prevent the bitter results of such relationships and that is the practice of tolerance by the citizenry which will enhance the growth of diversity – one of the beauties of democracy.

Differently Sir, one can loudly say that our country is blessed to accommodate one of the world’s most emotional beings on earth and this is demonstrated routinely in our interactions as a people during social gatherings like funerals, spiritual feasts, naming & wedding ceremonies, etc.

This wonderful gift to our people and country moreover, has positively gone to building and cementing a lot of strong and progressive bonds in friendships, neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities and regions that will be cherished forever.

However, with all the goodies emotions continue to bring to our people, it has as well given a weaker number of them a statue too short to stand next to the towering figures of politics and law thus according it the position of spectator and not even substitute in the arena of exercising genuine politics and law as a prevention of unwanted interference.

Unfortunately, this preventive practice was compromised in your two predecessors’ governments resulting to eventful clashes between the state and the opposition and thus recorded regrettable human right violations which you should wisely be watchful of to avoid yourself an increasing share after having already registered some.

Furthermore, one can genuinely say that many in The Gambia today have been ached by the sad and unfortunate experiences of the past making some unwillingly buried by their emotions to the extent of forgetting that your government came on the promise of promoting democracy, freedom of speech, association and movement and the rule of law. For which, I will redundantly say that democracy is a government of the people, for the people and by the people with of course the jealous guidance of the rule of law.

Therefore, if democracy is a government of, by and for the people, one must be willing to ask who those people are?

And if it is a democratic government, one will further have to ask whether such a government will have to entertain the weaknesses of the emotion-crippled minorities that think their emotions must override the rule of law?

Additionally, one will also have to ask if the rising emotions of the few are as a results of the existence of those with divergent views or is it a means of inflating their numbers with the desire of suppressing divergence?

Sir, it is genuine answers to these questions (that will help in treating the citizens equally) coupled with your observance of the rule of law that can prevent you from being infected by the allergen currently irritating the hearts of those sadly crippled by emotions of the past.

In conclusion Sir, I will humbly advise you to never (out of emotions) think of kicking the bucket that you will tomorrow sit alone to regret as did your predecessors when those tirelessly giving you the energy to kick it will no more be at your sight.

And always remember that a democratic president is not always merciful nor is he always merciless – but is he that has power over his emotions!

Sincerely yours,

Muhammed Teks Tekanyi


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