Gambian videographers were denied access to video tape Youssou Ndour’s show last night at Coco Ocean, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Youssou Ndour’s TFM television was given the exclusivity to video tape the event.  All Gambian home based videographers were asked not to tape the event by Njaga Ndure. Njaga Ndure is Youssou Ndour’s younger brother. He also manages Youssou Ndour band.

Gambian videographers were taken aback by Njaga Ndure’s decision to deny them access to video tape the event. They had already purchased their tickets to attend the event, when Mr. Ndure showed up at the event to inform them that TFM has the exclusivity to cover the event.

The organizers of the event “Absolute Entertainment” could not be reached for their own side of the story, but multiple sources interviewed by the Freedom Newspaper have denounced Njaga Ndure’s conduct. One of my sources even told me that “it is nerve wrecking to have Senegalese artists to come to our country and dictate to us how we should conduct ourselves.” She said it is unfortunate that our people are being demeaned and disrespected in their own country.

A similar thing happened during president Barrow’s inauguration. Gambian videographers were also denied access to the event. DS2TV was given exclusivity to cover the event. TFM TV was denied access to cover the event.

Entertainment coverage is now being monopolized by Senegalese MCS and event organizers in the Gambia.  This is unheard of.  Where on earth have you ever heard a foreign artist determining who should film or not film his show held in a public space? It is only in the Gambia. This BS got to stop.

The last time we checked, there is no law in the Gambia, which says that event organizers should determine who should film their events held in a public space. Wake up Gambians. You are gradually losing your country’s sovereignty.

“I think Gambians should look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves whether what is happening is right. Jamaican artist Jah Cure was here recently. None of our videographers were denied access to film the event. But with the Senegalese, they now monopolized media and entertainment coverage in this country. This is absurd. Gambian artists are never accorded such treatment in Senegal. Who dares organize an event in Senegal, and said only Gambian clientele would be allowed to cover the event? I am saddened by what is happening in this country,” she said.

Youssou Ndour has been scheduled to perform at the Independence Stadium tonight.

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