Landing Manneh, a resident of Talinding in the Kanifing municipality is still in police custody according to eye witnesses. Manneh, believed to be in his 30s was reportedly arrested on Tuesday, January 16th around 11am for what authorities allegedly tied to audio messages he released about UDP’s Ousainou Darboe.

Police, observers say, have not specifically mentioned which particular audio, among many by Manneh has triggered yesterday’s arrest. Mr. Manneh is held at the Kotu Police Station as developments to his ordeal still unfold.

Some eye witnesses concluding visits at the Kotu station said Manneh was still writing a statement with the police. He had spent one night in custody, so far. Earlier, similar arrests were made of Modou Jammeh of Tanji, who was accused of releasing an audio message. Another arrest was made of Omar Sanneh of Foni Arankon who spent twelve days in detention for releasing a whatsapp audio.

Ansu Badjie and Gibril Badjie were similarly nabbed by police for producing whatsapp audios, according to reports. Omar Sanneh is still going to court and witnesses added, “He’s usually asked to climb unto the witnesses box, only to be asked to come down, each day of appearance.” Released after each segment of what has become habitual, if not ritual, Mr. Sanneh is usually asked to leave and is not allowed to make whatsapp audios. “He’s not also allowed to stay with more than five people in The Gambia,” witnesses say.

Observers have lamented an ethnic cleansing spree by police and the Barrow administration with a common denominator loudly spoken of the detainees’ ethnic background. “Now Jolas aren’t allowed to make whatsapp audios when some UDP fundamentalists are violently attacking others with machetes,” an observer marked.

Written By A Correspondent

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