As dictator Yahya Jammeh is increasingly isolated and getting lonelier by the day in Equatorial Guinea, family sources have it that his own mom Asombi Bojang, has also communicated to Jammeh her intention of returning to the Gambia not in the too distant future, the FREEDOM NEWSPAPER can reveal. The old woman said she missed Gambia, and life in Equatorial Guinea is not only boring, but traumatizing. She would be accompanied by one of Jammeh’s female stewards, sources familiar with the story have intimated.

Dictator Jammeh’s funds are drying up in Equatorial Guinea. He has limited cash to foot his high maintenance lifestyle. Hence, his aides have started jumping ship—returning to the Gambia, while others have sought refuge with their relatives in neighboring Casamance.

According to family sources, the former Gambian strongman is now a depressed refugee in a wonderland. He spends most of his time praying, reading books, and listening to Freedom Radio Gambia to keep himself abreast with developments in the Gambia.


“Yahya Jammeh is a reformed man. He said he wants to go to school. He reads a lot nowadays. I do not think he has any interest in destabilizing the Gambia. He is not thinking on those lines,” said a source close to the Jammeh family.

“I have an information that I am privy to, but it is not in the interest of the Gambia. I cannot tell you what the information is about,” he added.

We pressed the caller to explain what the information is all about, but he declined to comment further.

The Freedom Newspaper gathered from credible sources that some of the Jammeh loyalists, who recently sneaked into the country, had strong ties with the MFDC rebels. One of the returnees currently hiding in Casamance, used to coordinate the activities of MFDC Gambia branch. He was Jammeh’s conduit in managing the affairs of the rebels. He supplies the rebels with food ration; cars, and arms.

The Barrow government should widen its intelligence collection around the Gambia/Senegalese border, as the pro Jammeh dissidents should not be underestimated, one analyst tells Freedom Newspaper.

As the situation appears, dictator Jammeh is being deserted by his former loyalists left right and center. But caution should be employed in the so called defections.

Monetary issues could be a potential factor for the defections, but one analyst said the returnees might be rented “assets” to manage sleeper cells within and outside the country.

Jammeh lacks money to pay his staff in Equatorial Guinea. But notwithstanding, there is more to the defections, another analyst noted.

Gambia’s internal security is porous with documented cases of petty stealing, armed robbery, and murder.

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