Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. How are you my boss, long time? As you know my boss “ The Soldier “ had completely retired but lately DCC now call BCC (Banjul Command Center) is contemplating about coming out of retirement. We are not strong and resilient like our boss Pa Ndery Mbai, we are tired, we don’t know how you find the energy and time to do this. Having said that, we don’t like what we are seeing in our beloved Gambia, there is total chaos, same cartel (Jammeh’s crooks) running the country, bribery and corruption is the order of the day. Dakar Command Center has been shut down and Banjul Command Center has now been established. The Soldier is on the ground and BCC is slowly but surely planting its most reliable sources around the country and we are in the path of resurrection. Fellow Gambians BCC is going to have a board meeting next month to vote on “activating all BCC agents and return back to work “. The final vote will determine if we will relaunch BCC. Every genuine Gambian should be concerned about the status quo, besides regaining our freedom which we all fought for, it is the same cartel that is running the country and unless we start to speak up again the country is going in the wrong direction. We are going to generalize what is currently happening in the country and base on the results of the BCC vote we will be publishing every week or month.

Fellow Gambians, according to reliable BCC agents Barrow is not in full control of the government, people like Mai Fatty who is not even working for the government is dictating what is happening in the country. Barrow and Ousainou Darboe are not in full good terms. The smart UDP supporters have realized Mai Fatty and Barrow’s long term plans. Mai Fatty is going to run for the next presidential election and unless Barrow changes he is going to be supporting Mai Fatty and forget the party that provided him the platform to become president. Our top BCC agent reported that Barrow and Mai went to the same school and because of that they are forming what BCC is going to call the Muslim High School connection or same school batch. And this is where nepotism is taking place, Barrow is continually appointing his Muslim High School batch mates, it does not matter if they qualify for a position or not. The Barrow government cannot deny this, and this is how monster Jammeh started in 1994. Nepotism, tribalism and corruption is rampant. Due to nepotism, tribalism and corruption, a massive shakeup is coming, mark this down. BCC can assure you that Barrow and Ousainou Darbo are not on the same agenda, Barrow is being controlled by the cartel and the corrupt, either he has no clue, or he is clueless, or keeping a blind to it or he is part and parcel of the massive corruption and bribery that is happening in the country. For example, companies like Turkish TeleKom, Asian Companies, Zetes, Bazzi, Semlex and many more western companies have penetrated the Barrow government, how is this possible? Are government officials receiving bribery under the table, only time will tell. The Barrow government should know that a day will also come where the corrupt will face a “commission of inquiry”. We warned many officials who worked for monster Jammeh and they never heeded to our advise and they are now dancing to the music. BCC is warning BABUCARR TAMBEDOU as the minister of justice to enforce good governance which should be free of corruption and nepotism. Gambians are watching you, if you cannot stand up and do the right thing, simply step down. We will not tolerate any corruption, this is a “ NEW “ Gambia. Anyone who thinks that they can go back to the old days will face the full might of BCC, enough is enough, we are monitoring everyone, you will face a commission of inquiry. The whole country stood with you to get rid of monster Jammeh.We can’t allow Gambia to derail again. Lately Mai Fatty is going to almost every mosque, trying to use the same religious tactic monster Jammeh used against Gambians. Gambians will no longer tolerate an accidental president, we have to find the most qualified person who cares about the country at heart to rule the country. Mai Fatty if you know what BCC knows about you, you will quit politics, we will unleash the bombshell at the right place and time. We won’t tell you if it is bribery, corruption, or anything about your personal life. One day you will tell the Gambians where you obtained all the money you have now.

Fellow Gambians, on a last note, BCC agents are hearing that an attack by rebels is imminent, it may be false but that is what we are hearing. This government cannot still recover a lot of missing weapons, they can’t identify who is who in the Gambia, they don’t know who the rebels are. BCC can assure you that there are indeed a lot of rebels in the country and we cannot comment too much about the missing weapons.

BCC is urging the Barrow government to ask General Ansumana Tamba about the late Alagy Ceesay and Ebou Jobe. Interrogate General Ansumana Tamba, who was arrested this past weekend. According to a reliable BCC agent Ansumana Tamba was present when the two were transported to Kanilai, he cannot deny this. Ansumana Tamba was the tour commander in Kanilai and these two men were transported to monster Jammeh’s residence where Ansumana Tamba witnessed monster Jammeh came out, go to a white pick up where the two were handcuffed and talked to them and pointed his fingers to them. Ansumana Tamba will tell them everything about what happened that evening and where they were eventually taken. Ansumana and Umpha were assured by a marabout that they can come back and nothing will happen to them, these spiritual doctors are evil and they are part and parcel of why we have big problems in Africa.

BARROW “ The Soldier and BCC “ supported you and the coalition 100%, and we believed in you, but are now having doubts. There is corruption under your government. BCC never supported APRC but we know that you are about to dismantle them, do it legitimately, do it the right way, can you even do that? We still wish your government the best but wake up and steer the ship in the right direction. Ask yourself what good governance is, be honest with yourself, does corruption and bribery exist under your government, time will tell.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

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