Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians according to reliable BCC agents if we don’t start speaking up now our country is going in the wrong direction. The “ NEW GAMBIA”  is becoming only a dream and we need to stand up and make it a reality. This current government is discreet, and they are corrupt behind the curtain, the former regime was corrupt but it was by force. At least monster Jammeh did not hide anything, but this government is hiding and as reported on our last publication nobody is afraid and corruption is the order of the day. Gambia is very difficult, The Soldier just finished bread and eggs because everything is very expensive, the majority of Gambians are suffering, there is constant water shortage and you see people going around looking for water.

Fellow Gambians, remember when “ The Soldier “ reported in 2016 that monster Jammeh was about to declare the election null and void and some people went online and reported that we were lying. Well, please take the following revelation very SERIOUSLY and if you are a patriotic Gambian you need to start speaking up and do something about it. If not, Barrow’s government is slowly, surely and discreetly committing some of the crimes that were committed by monster Jammeh. These fools never learn, they are all greedy and corrupt. Fellow Gambians BCC(Banjul Command Center) is hereby informing all Gambians that Barrow’s government is about to award Semlex a contract to be responsible for printing and managing Gambia voters cards and election. According to one of BCC top agent, who is very close to the corridors of power this will be announced soon. If you remember BCC reported that Mai Fatty is going to be running for election and wants to be a president. BCC don’t have any problem for any Gambian to stand for election, but do it the right way. BCC also reported in this medium that Barrow will support Mai Fatty and not the party(UDP) and we still stand by that. Once Barrow read the freedom publication he immediately went to the media saying that Mai Fatty is his childhood friend and there is no nepotism going on. Barrow according to what you have told a reliable BCC agent, you said that you will support Mai Fatty and not UDP. You cannot deny this, you need to be truthful. So, coming back to the main message, why is your government awarding a contract to a company that was raided and is under investigation, is it because you were bribed, and you are promised another large amount in millions of dollars later. Is this company going to rig the elections in someone’s favour?

Fellow Gambians, please connect the dots, this company was accused of bribing the government, this company is under investigation by Belgian police, and the Gambian government is about to put our Independent Electoral Commission(IEC) process in this company’s hands. Fellow Gambians does this make sense.  As individual do we make personal deals with people who are under investigation. The international community has started paying attention to this SEMLEX company and our leaders are making deals with them. BCC is urging the other political parties to use their powers and start asking questions. This reliable BCC agent reported that a technical committee has been established to work on this arrangement and very soon you will see Semlex officials in the Gambia. Ba Tambadou the minister of justice wrote a fake opinion using false information to recommend that Semlex should be awarded the IEC project. All these people are birds of the same feather and one day they will all face what monster Jammeh is facing. Barrow does $5 million now and $5 million later ring a bell. Barrow do you want to have the same legacy or a legacy where future generations will be proud of you. Barrow go to the bottom of this publication and read what we wrote about you in November of 2016. Do you want to let UDP party down, this is the party that raised you to stardom? Barrow do you want to let the Gambian down, you repeatedly said that the new Gambia is for Gambians. BCC is assuring Gambians that this IEC problem is going to be a big saga and lot of corrupt officials are going to be arrested. Wait until BCC releases the official evidence we have gathered.

Fellow Gambians, as we speak there is a big problem at state house. About 10000 cement bags that were stored at state house belonging to former president all disappeared. Televisions, refrigerators, are all missing, the officers are pointing fingers at each other. There is an investigation going on. Water shortage has become the norm of the day, just like during Jammeh some of the foreign investors are dictating what is happening in the country. By the way fellow Gambians, just like Jammeh, Barrow has started building double mega fences, just visit Barrow’s village and you will see it for yourself, this is how Jammeh started. Gambians need to know why Barrow is building triple deck fences at his village and 24 hours satellite light. Maybe Barrow has the money, but he is leading a public life and he owes this to the people. Barrow needs to explain to the Gambian why the IEC project is about to be awarded to Semlex, is it because of corruption or that, what is the reason. The truth will come out very soon and Gambians will be shocked.

Fellow Gambians on a last note, monster Jammeh is secretly fighting anyone who has absconded during his tenure. For those who knows his secrets, he sent messages to the arrested junglers to frame the likes of former orderlies Yusupha Sanneh , Saikou Jallow and Sainey Jammeh. BCC can confirm to you that on numerous times Yusupha Sanneh saved so many people lives by proactively informing people to get out of the country because he overheard monster Jammeh and Saul Badjie plotting killings. Monster Jammeh is framing these people so that they cannot one day talk against him. Malick Jatta the top jungler is lying and he was asked to frame these people. A top BCC agent attested that these people were at the state house and Malick Jatta is lying. Let the Gambian authority ask Malick Jatta if he used to rob the shops at Sanchaba Sullay Jobe, he cannot deny this. In fact, Malick Jatta and Saul Badjie poisoned Sainey Jammeh who is still lucky to be alive. BCC is urging the Gambian government to be aware of monster Jammeh tactics, he is framing innocent people remotely. He does not want these people to disclose his secrets. Monster Jammeh is actively looking for DCC members, he promised that he will kill DCC members if he knows who they are.

Fellow Gambians before some of you start saying that we hate Barrow, see what we wrote about him in November of 2016. We wrote so many things about these people, we even sometime save Mai Fatty’s life, one day our top DCC agent will disclose this.

 Barrow below in an excerpt on a publication we wrote about you but we are having deep doubts about you. This was written 24th of November 2016. Do you have a short memory Barrow, read the below excerpt, SIS make sure that Barrow read what BCC wrote about him in 2016 but Gambians have started having big doubts about Barrow:


NOVEMBER, 2016: written by The Soldier

DCC is appealing to every Gambian with a clean conscience to vote for the coalition led by Adama Barrow. This is simple logic, united we stand, divided we fall. Dictator Jammeh has served for 22 years and all he has done is take us 100 years backwards. Let us give the COALITION a chance and VOTE for the next President of our dear land Adama Barrow:

With President Barrow there will be no raping of innocent young Gambian girls

With President Barrow there will be no torture, jailing and dismissals

With Presidnet Barrow there will be justice

With  President Barrow there will be no jailing of elders such as Ousainou Darboe and others.

With President Barrow the country will not be divided, we will be united and have a solid relationships with the western countries.

With President Barrow all the Children and youths will have a bright future

With President Barrow there will be no backway syndrome

With President Barrow Imams, Alkalos, Governors will not be afraid for their lives

With President Barrow Gambians will save lives

With President Barrow people will not disappear

With President Barrow everyone is save

With President Barrow Gambia will not be sanctioned and people will be able to travel

With President Barrow there will not be massive arrest of Marabouts

With President Barrow every Gambian can speak their mind

So Fellow Gambians “ PLEASE” let’s all UNITE and join 1Gambia and the Coalition

This is life or death situation, standup for your LIFE.

Call your family, friends and TELL THEM to vote for PRESIDENT BARROW

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Honorable Mai Fatty and the folks mentioned in the piece could not be reached for their own side of the story. Thanks for your attention.

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