The Vice Chancellor of the University of the Gambia Professor Faqir Muhammad Anjum says the arrest Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, a UTG Faculty  Member, is not good for the image of the Gambia, and the country’s new found democratic dispensation. Professor Anjum was speaking in an interview with the Freedom Newspaper on Thursday morning. “The arrest of Dr. Ismaila Ceesay is not good for the image of the Gambia. It is not a good omen as far as Gambia’s new-found democracy is concerned. I was told that he was arrested because of an article he wrote in one of the newspapers. I did not read the content of the article,” said the UTG Vice Chancellor.

Dr. Ceesay was arrested by the police on Wednesday morning. He was interrogated in connection with a story published by the Voice Newspaper.

The Political Science professor questioned the continued presence of the ECOMIG forces in the Gambia-citing the long-term peace sustenance ramifications pre or post ECOMIG departure from the country.

He raised the lack of interaction between president Adama Barrow and the Gambian armed forces. This he said, has caused some form of resentment among our men in uniform. Barrow’s lack of engagement with the army has made them feel alienated by their commander-in-chief, according to Dr. Ceesay.

Dr. Ceesay noted in the Voice publication that Barrow hasn’t visited the army since he assumed the presidency—a move he strongly faulted. He opines that Barrow should instead engage the army than isolating them.

Professor Anjum said the UTG Faculty is supposed to meet today to chart the way forward in coming to Professor Ceesay’s rescue. He told the Freedom Newspaper that he visited the police headquarters yesterday to see his detained Faculty staffer. He left Ceesay at the police at the time of visit.

Meanwhile, sources reaching the Freedom Newspaper said Dr. Ismaila Ceesay has been charged with inciting violence. He is yet to be arraigned in court. His case has attracted local and international interest.

Concerned Gambian citizens and sympathizers yesterday thronged the premises of the police headquarters in Banjul, demanding for Ceesay’s release. Dr. Ceesay is an outspoken critic of the Barrow administration.

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