Gambia: Editorial: Was It Political Extremism Or Rising Crime Rate In Gambia?


A government vehicle was set ablaze over the weekend by unknown arsonists. The vehicle was allocated to the Foreign Ministry Press Office. It was under the custody of Saikou Ceesay, a Communication officer at the said Ministry, when it was set ablaze. The incident happened at Mr. Ceesay’s home, according to a Point Newspaper publication. The motive behind the arson attack is unknown.

The matter is being investigated by the police. No arrest has been made yet.

What happened over the weekend at Mr. Ceesay’s home amounts to domestic terrorism. It is an indication that this country is at the risk of being plunged into hate crime, and domestic terrorism related activities. A disturbing trend is building up in the Gambia!

Something decisive must be done to arrest the rising crime rate before enemies of freedom will set this country on fire. We implore on the relevant law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to book.

Mr. Ceesay was asleep with his family, when enemies of freedom descended at his Yundum home to set his official car on fire. Good neighbours came to his rescue otherwise he could have been burn to death together with his family. He never knew that there was fire outbreak at his parking lot involving his government allocated car.

The million-dollar question is: Why should anyone target Mr. Ceesay, a junior government official for possible assassination? Your guess is as good as mine.

Once again, the Barrow government should not underestimate the magnitude of the incident. By all indication, the perpetrators were up to no good.

A government vehicle has been torched. This is not a good sign Gambia.

Administration officials have legitimate reason to be worried about their personal safety and that of their families. There are “bad guys” exploiting the current security vacuum in the country.

A country cannot operate in the absence of rule of law. The rule of law is under attack in the Gambia. This can be confirmed by the degree of lawlessness in the country; all in the name of new found democracy. A drastic example must be set by the courts to keep the bad guys off the streets. They are becoming a public danger.

Indiscipline is becoming the order of the day in the Gambia. Corruption is also on the rise. The two aforementioned vices are recipe for instability.

We either behave as human beings or risked living in a jungle nation. Respect for the rule law has no boundary. All Gambians–irrespective of one’s status, or background should respect the rule of law. We rest our case.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 919749-6319

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