For those that do not understand their water bills or Meter Reading.

Is it not correct that one pays for a supplied meter?

Then it is installed or if it already on the property, one pays to have it reactivated.

Then one receives a monthly invoice which has a Minimum usage charge. Please check your recent bill and past bills. See the amount. 17M³; that is 17,000 Liters of sometimes Undrinkable water.

Now visit a local swimming pool that is filled. Yup, that’s your month water amount, even if you do not turn on the tap or consume that amount.

In one year at D136 (See Invoice) NAWEC will receive from you D1,632 for water coming from the water table that they Tap into and send into your tap through the ancient piping system – Long ago paid for In Full.

In reality, you should be a Share Holder in the enterprise as your are already an Investor without any dividends received.

You are paying for service – When and if you receive it is another matter.

If, as the plan seems to be progressing, NAWEC is Privatized, the bill amounts will increase dramatically.

A Gathering at the PURA office might be called for..


Volunteers Welcomed..

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