A western union operator in Kololi has been robbed this afternoon by unknown armed robbers, this medium can report. The robbers tied the lady’s legs and hands and held her to ransom. They forced her to surrender the money she has in her possession. She told the robbers  that she doesn’t have money in her possession. The robbers used to force to subdue her. The robbers left with an unspecified amount of money.

The incident happened along the new Kololi road. The lady was found in her shop while her hands and legs were tied. A family member came to the shop to tell her that lunch was ready; only to find her lying on the ground. She has been rushed to the Sukuta health center for medical attention.

In the meantime, the armed robbers are at large. No arrest has been made yet.

The incident happened while the usual Friday prayers were on. The street corner was quiet. The lady was in her shop by herself.

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