A grade seven student, who failed to turn in her Home Science homework to school, was subjected to corporal punishment by her teacher at Zibah Lower Basic school in Kanifing, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Awa Saidy, the daughter of Kieta Saidy was mercilessly beaten by her Sierra Leonean teacher Theresa Kallon. Zibah Lower Basic is a private school owned by a Nigerian lady. The matter is being investigated by the school administration, according to Head Teacher Saihou Leigh. Leigh said disciplinary action will be taken against Ms. Kallon at the end of the investigations. The incident happened on Monday. 

Home Science Teacher Theresa Kallon Accused Of Corporal Punishment. 

“Corporal punishment is not part of our school policies. It is also prohibited by the Gambian constitution. Teachers cannot beat students. That’s unacceptable as far as our school policies are concerned,” Leigh told me.

“I was out of the school when the incident happened. When I came in, I found the girl sitting outside; I asked her what happened, and she told me that she forgot to bring her homework; needle work stuff. I took her to the class and pleaded on her behalf so that she can let her in. The girl was accepted by the teacher, but at that moment I never knew that she was beaten. After ten minutes, I found the girl outside crying. I took her to my office and consoled her. I managed to find out what happened from her. She told me that she was beaten by her teacher,” he added.

According to Mr. Leigh, the matter is being investigated by the school. He said Ms. Kallon will henceforth be suspended pending the outcome of the investigations.

“We are going to suspend the teacher and find out what actually happened. Beating as we all know, is not in line with the Gambian constitution. It is not in line with the school policies. We have been warning teachers to desist from it. I have invited my senior teachers for a meeting. We are going to get to the bottom of this matter. As I was trying to find out from the girl, she kept crying,” Leigh said.

The girl’s father Mr. Keita Saidy said he was shocked to learn about the unfortunate incident. He vowed to file a police complaint against the Sierra Leonean teacher.

“ I have asked my wife to report the matter to the police. I am hurting right now. How can she beat my daughter for merely not turning in her classwork? This is outrageous. I will make sure that justice is served on this matter. I am not going to let it go like that. She must account for her heinous crime against my daughter,” Keita Saidy remarked.

” This amounts to torture. She used a big stick to beat my daughter. I will press charges against her,” he concluded.

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