A former high ranking APRC parliamentarian Abdoulie Saine has said that the mere fact that dictator Yahya Jammeh is not among the people listed as Gambia’s most wanted dissidents, goes to show that Mr. Jammeh is free to return to the Gambia at his own term and accord. Mr. Saine was speaking in an interview with Freedom Radio Gambia.  He said Mr. Jammeh left The Gambia for Equatorial Guinea on his own terms and shall return to the Gambia one day.  “Former President Yahya Jammeh is not wanted by the Gambian state. If he was wanted, he would have been included on the wanted list recently issued by the government.  He was not included on the list of  wanted Gambians. He is a Gambian citizen; he can return home anytime he wants,” Saine said.

The Gambia government recently issued a list of former Jammeh loyalists wanted by the state. Topping the list were former army officers and jungullars.

Mr. Saine told Freedom Radio Gambia that Jammeh left The Gambia, following an agreement he had with ECOWAS and the powers that be in Banjul to peacefully exit power. Hence, which led his safe departure from the country.

“ They keep saying that Yahya Jammeh has done this; done that; how comes that he was not declared wanted by the state? Did you see Jammeh’s name on that list of wanted Gambians? Jammeh is not wanted by the state,” he added.

Mr. Saine pointed out that the APRC will embrace Jammeh upon his return. He maintains that he has reached his climax of patience and will not condone any form of harassment or oppression coming from anyone. He said they will standby Jammeh come rain, come shine.

“If Yahya Jammeh decides to return home, we will welcome him. We will not allow anyone to detain him illegally. If the UDP can protest against the arrest of their leader Ousainou Darboe, why not the APRC.  I cannot tell you what we are going to do but be rest assured that we will not accept illegality. He can be questioned, but he will not be detained illegally,” Saine said.

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