Momodou Sabally the former Secretary General and presidential Affairs Minister during dictator Yahya Jammeh’s rule, has been branded as an “ass kisser” who is bent on appeasing the Barrow government by trying to use the GRTS airwaves to disown his former boss Mr. Jammeh. Abdoulie Saine the fomer APRC Banjul Central MP made the allegations during an interview with Freedom Radio Gambia’s prime time Sunday Leral show. Mr. Sabally could not be reached for comment at the time of filing this story. 

“Momodou Sabally is an ass kisser and an opportunist.  He is very ungrateful; very dishonest for that matter. Who is Momodou Sabally to say that Jammeh should be expelled from the APRC? Who is he?  A shameless show boy; this was a poor boy; picked up from the gutter and elevated to the highest offices of the land; yet he has the audacity to say that Jammeh should be expelled from the APRC. What an idiot… Jammeh made him. He has never dreamt in his lifetime that he would occupy such portfolios. Today, he is bad mouthing Jammeh just for the sake of it. The likes of Sabally are what we called ass kissers; he is a disgrace; he should be the last person to bad mouth Jammeh,” a rather emotional Lai Saine said.

“The same Modou Sabally insulted his ethic group—the Mandinkas while under the employment of the then Jammeh government. He is a political hack. He has no base or loyalty. Let no one take him seriously. His GRTS nightly banter is calculated to appease the new government. Sabally is a political whore. He lacks moral and ethics. He has no integrity. Yahya Jammeh picked this poor boy from nowhere and made him Secretary General, and later Presidential Affairs Minister. When did he realize that Jammeh should be expelled from the APRC? Was he not the one singing the praises of Jammeh? He is a damn hypocrite. The new government should be mindful of political prostitutes like Sabally. He is an ass kisser,” Saine added.

Mr. Saine said former dictator Jammeh has his own shortcomings, but that shouldn’t warrant Sabally to use Jammeh’s name for political prostitution. He accuses Sabally of disparaging his former party leader.

“No one is saying that Jammeh is perfect. He has his own shortcomings. Momodou Sabally should not tell us who we should expel or keep in our party. That’s none of his business. No one can detach Yahya Jammeh from the APRC. He is the founder of the party. We are here to re-brand the APRC and sell it to the Gambian people. Yahya Jammeh is not the APRC. The APRC is bigger than an individual. For Sabally to foolishly call for Jammeh’s expulsion from the APRC, exposes his ignorance and hypocrisy,” he said.

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