Pa Samba Jaw a Gambian political activist has been accused of being hateful and disparaging the former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh and his APRC party, when he compared Jammeh’s APRC party with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party during a GRTS TV program aired on state media. The allegations were made by the former Banjul Central MP Abdoulie Saine. A fuming Lai Saine called out Pa Samba during the Leral show on Sunday—accusing him of being hateful.

“There is also this boy called Pa Samba Jaw; a very hateful chap, who falsely misrepresented the APRC and its leadership. He tried to compare us with Hitler’s Nazi party of Germany on GRTS. How dare he compare us with Hitler’s Nazi party? He is very dishonest; he went to GRTS to disparage the APRC and what it stands for. I think Pa Samba is a job seeker. He was out to spread false information about our party,” he alleged.

“Pa Samba should know that the Barrow government is overbooked as far as employment is concerned. I think before they will employ him, there are people on the ground, who should be given priority. We know that there are folks in the diaspora without good jobs. They are desperately looking for job in the Gambia. Some of them work in MacDonald and low-income jobs. Pa Samba doesn’t know what he is talking about. He is clueless,” he added.

It was pointed out to Saine that Pa Samba Jaw has time and time maintain that he is not interested in working for the new government, and that he is doing fine in the US, Saine wouldn’t want to listen to that. He insists that Jaw was disingenuous when he compared the APRC with the Nazi party.

“ The APRC is a legally registered party. Pa Samba is just making it up. He has no evidence to back up his claims. I feel insulted by his statement,” he concluded.

Pa Samba Jaw could not be reached for comment.

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