Let me first start by welcoming The Soldier back to the fold.  The Soldier is by far the best and most effective whistleblower in Gambian history.  The Solder and DCC caused Yaya Jammeh many sleepless nights.  Every morning, The Kanilai Monster as we nicknamed him would ask “did The Solider write?”.  The Solider’s dispatches were printed for him and he would read it and highlight in yellow the important points.
I also want to confirm The Solider’s point that Yusupha Sanneh the former orderly of Yaya Jammeh is one of the most patriotic people to ever serve.  At risk to his own life, he saved many lives including my own by warning us of Jammeh’s machinations and evil plans.  He risked his life many times out of patriotic duty.  It is sad that the Jammeh enablers infesting our new government are targeting him with lies in order to extradite him back to Gambia where he will be made to suffer for going against Jammeh.
Folks, the level of corruption at State House is at a historic high.  From morning dusk to dawn, the only thing that gets Adama Barrow moving from his sofa is the pursuit of bribes and corrupt activities.  Adama Barrow is way more corrupt than Yaya Jammeh.  The man has already awarded himself a construction project for UTG.  The project is managed by his brother Basiru Barrow.
Barrow has also taken bribes from Kenesis Energy, Semlex, Golden Lead, Kalilu Waggeh, and many others.  Barrow is a very greedy individual with no loyalty.  He has betrayed his partners and is fun of making jokes against Ousainou Darboe.
Barrow’s corruption is fed by a few individual amongst whom are Fatou Ceesay who really is the person together with Mai Fatty who introduced the virus of bribery and corruption into our New Gambia.  The other person is Musa Drameh a so-called Investment Advisor whose main job is helping Muhammad Bazzi, Tarik Musa and other Lebanese to rape our country.
The other person who is helping to fuel corruption in our country is Ba Tambedou the Justice Minister.  They are now running a scam whereby they are selling company registrations online .  .  If you visit this site, you will notice that they are the official registrar of The Gambia  where any drug dealer and money launderer can register a Gambian company. Can you imagine that the official registry of Gambia is now in the control of some Romanian mobsters that were working with Yaya Jammeh on the illegal logging of the Casamance forest, the theft of OCean Bay and many other crimes. Instead of prosecuting these people for their crimes, the Barrow government is now working with them to commit crimes against the Gambian people.
This why the Janneh commission is a joke as all those being investigated included Bazzi, Samba, Tarik Musa etc are all already in bed with Barrow himself.
We are monitoring the situation from State House and want to welcome the BCC together
with The Solider.  I know Barrow has no clue who The Solider is as he was largely absent from the Struggle against Yaya Jammeh.
Civil Society has a big role to play in the fight against corruption and bribery.  Gambian civil societies should also work with whistle blowers to expose corruption.   We also welcome the statement from Ousainou Darboe at the UDP rally that those committing these crimes will face their day too.  The National Assembly should do its job and hold hearings on the rampant corruption and to impeach Barrow so that we can get a leader who is fit to rule us.  Adama Barrow is unfit to be the President of The Republic of The Gambia.
 Written By Gambia’s Deep Throat
Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.  Thanks for your attention.
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