Dear Editor,

I want to bring to your attention and that of your readers about key issues of national concern. President Adama Barrow and the coalition government campaigned under the banner of creating job opportunities for Gambian youths, which ultimately led to their election into office.

Sadly, the new government is departing from its promise. They have started laying off police officers.

As we speak, a good number of young and competent police officers have been discharged from the force by the police command. Such layoffs will only create problems for the government. These officers haven’t done anything to warrant their discharge from the force.

It was President Barrow, who told us that the days of lack of job security and illegal firings are things of the past. He promised to maintain a nonpolitical workforce without any witch hunting.

Today, officers are being fired left, right and center without cause. Corrupt commissioners are being spared because of their political connections in the system. Folks with good record are being targeted for illegal firing.

It has been brought to my attention that the ongoing discharge of our men are being implemented by DIG Mamud Jobe, and Abdoulie Sanyang, police commissioner in charge of Admin. Mr. Sanyang has been implicated in the State House theft case scandal. He still keeps his job.

Superitendent Gorrigi Mboob has been suspended, in connection with the said case, but Abdoulie Sanyang has been spared.

Also, uncharged is the State House intelligence officer Muhammed Kanteh. Kanteh joined the force in 2008 and has never participated in any peacekeeping mission overseas. Guess what? Kanteh is believed to be erecting/building a three deck storey building in Wulenkama.  Please take note of the concerns highlighted above. More will follow later.

Also, do you know that both the Vice president and the president left the country the same day on different missions?

The president flew to Turkey with his Foreign Minister, while the VP, the Speaker of the House, the Minister of Agriculture, and a high-powered delegation travelled to neighboring Senegal to meet a Senegalese businessman.

The country was virtually without a leader for almost twenty-four hours. The VP and her entourage have since returned home. The leadership direction this country is heading is worrisome. Both the VP and the President have abandoned the seat of power on the same day in the name of conducting missions outside the country. This is worrisome so to speak.

Written By A Concerned Security Officer.

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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