Gambia: Gambia Gov’t Spends Two Billion Dalasis On Arbitration Cases!


The Government is currently involved in three arbitration trials with ICSID, we have used a total of more than two billion dalasis on trials, because of wrongful terminations.

How can the Goverment risk billions of dalasis in arbitration costs, once more, with Africa Petroleum? What money will pay for this trial?

Cost of international arbitration in excess of two billion dalasis; Conapro, Gallia, Carnegie all resulted from wrongful termination of contract and we are not prepared to put that added responsibility on this Government just to satisfy the business interests of a few even if they are Gambians. Our hands are tied on this occasion.

If there is any lesson to draw from the ongoing Janneh Commission, it is the responsibility to take justified action no matter whose interest is at stake. This is what the Ministerial Task force did.

Written By A Concerned Gambian

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