Dear President Barrow when you took the mantle of power, you were sworn to protect the constitution and all rights it enshrined and implicit in that declaration is to protect the national security interest of the Gambia. To ask which one take precedence is not a mind-buckling oxymoron. You were sworn in the front of the nation and the people are the witness.

More profoundly, albeit more reflective scenario my Dear President, you were sworn before the Lord of the Universe, my Lord and your Lord and He is sufficient as witness. AS your creator, you have greater responsibility to Him than to His creation and you shall stand before Him to account for, how you discharge those responsibilities.

Before I proceed, my Dear president let me state some facts about my disposition and my untiring attachment to discharge my duties to fellow humans, respect them, give them their rights as long as giving those rights are not in disobedience to the creator as the Prophet categorically stated that there is no obedience to creation in disobedience to the creator. What a profound and unequivocal statement.

Sir currently I have too neighbours left and right of my flat and one is Muslim and one is a Hindu. The Hindu in currently on pilgrimage in India and before he left with the family, he called me and asked me to look after his flat. If I were intolerant he wouldn’t trust me. My room mate when I was doing my ACCA was a bosom friend Muslim but turned Christian however religion has never been a separation barrier until after few years he reverted. This guy was a close friend and co-worker at Accountant General’s Department for nearly five years and that make it more disappointing but I learn tolerance from my Taligh exposure.

I am doing all this introduction because I surmise constitutional thumpers, neo-liberals ideologues and those who love parading their so called western enlighten minds will throw their usual aspersions and caricature of fundamentalism and intolerance. If fundamentalism is standing for truth of Islam and uphold its universal principles then I very happy to wear badge with pride as Tony Blair once retorted.

Right wing or shall say neo-liberal hypocrisy really bite at my conscience and made me question whether man’s actions today are dictated by conscience or by animalistic motivations which seek to attain its objectives by any means possible. This is gut-wrenching because the level of injustice and blatant manipulation has now reach epidemic proportions. It smack of Orwellian parody, the Animal firm where all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

Every human being is a slave. You are either a slave of your desires or a slave of Allah. You either rule by your rules or by the rule of Allah.

Unfortunately the rule of Allah is viewed with prism of  stale orthodoxy unsuitable for modern world yet the modern world is full of blatant injustices to the extent good is seen as bad and bad is good.

Women are seen as sexual objects to be exploited for fleeting pleasure and discarded like expired goods. In the forefront of this is the so called developed world whose civilisation today we all admire and measure our development in term of good governance and democratic rights.
Today all over so called enlightened western world, Islamic veil is being banned on flimsy excuse of social cohesion. Women can appear in  near naked dresses but they cannot put on burga or face veil.
In France Muslims women are banned from visiting beaches or swim in Muslim swim suit, they have to appear nude to appease the curious eye of pervert onlookers. Muslim women who defied it were wrestled to the ground by the very police who are supposed to protect them. They got fined and an Arab Prince paid.
In the same France, the Charlie Hebdo could ridicule the prophet of one billion Muslims  but a French black Comic Diuedone is jailed for caricaturing the Holocaust. Freedom of speech for one, ansti-semitism for another, what an eerie oxymoron.
In UK National front is allowed to spread their poison of hate but the ikwaan is banned. In same UK Loius Farakhan was banned from visiting his followers for the expedience of public security. World renown scholars like Dr Bilal Philips, Saleem Al-Amre, Safra awaali as well as Dr Naik were banned in UK when UK pride itself on rule of law and human rights.
You can go on and on to narrate liberal and Right wing hypocrisy around the world from western world to India to China and even in Africa.

China banned Uighur Muslims from reading the Quran and even fasting in Ramadan.

India which boast of being the largest democracy in the world, allow Hindu thugs to erased the ancient mosque in Ayodhia on a misguided rampage to protect a so called birth place of a Hindu monkey god. The Hindu government at the time stood by as Muslims were massacred because they deemed it  a political expedience.

The very man who orchestrated that inferno is now the current prime minister. Modi the savage. It is under the leadership of the same Modi, Dr Naik was kicked out of India and all his schools, TV networks and other beneficial institutions are now in desolation. Hindus have unfettered presence in the Gambia and they established powerful businesses whilst they start to wield some political patronage. We welcome them and support their businesses in the spirit of tolerance and fair play. Our scholars never lift a finger, but why the they murmured about Qadiyani TV application, there is a sinister connotation.

Today pre-eminent Islamic scholars are banned from many western countries for reasons of national security at the expense of  freedom of expression and association. As I stated afore time, their only crime was, they were successful in dawah and have turn the tables against previously ubiquitous bible proselytisers, Jehovah witness, evangelist and the hot gospellers. They should have, if they were to go by their constitutions, leave the people to decide for themselves who want to listen to and how they want but no, they succumb to the lobby of Altra-Christian evangelicals.
Public interest and security is cited as paramount reasons for squeezing  free speech and association when it suits the believe of liberals and Rightwing ideologues but surprisingly when Muslims protest they are branded as fundamentalist.

Your excellency I did not catalogue above litany of apparent human right violations in civilised western countries for vanity or in defence of the contradictory actions of some EU countries and human rights provisions in EU constitution. The objective was to show you how so called advance country navigate constitutional provisions vis a vis national interest and perceived national security risks.
If the Qadiyani who enjoyed unparalleled freedom in Gambia are given a TV platform when they command between 0 and 1% of the population to tell the 99% that their fathers and grandfathers are all going to Jahannama because they didn’t accept Mirza as the final prophet.

Sir I am not making the claim knowing very well the literal ability of the audience on many Gambia online paper. This is not a discourses  religious exegesis, I would have provided the actual quotation from their books.

Your excellency, what do you think will be the ultimate repercussion.
Soon the Salafi brotherhood will have their own TV and so the Tablighi and you have excuse to deny them. Can you see the fuel of potential future conflict being prepared now. Their will be call for Ahmed Deedat style debates and tensions will rise. Saitan will fuel the fire of malediction and rage, there will be a call for Jihad. Keeping in mind a massive young population without employment who will just be waiting for a spark to explode.

What will happen folks, tell me, another Mali or Boko Haram.
Why should a proper Muslim alienate his Jamma, his own people for a cause of false prophet Mirza.
Do you think the scholars who evinced a fatwa in 1973 are bunch of illiterates who were divorced from the realities of the world. They were cream of scholars at that time including our own scholar Sheik Hatab Bojang. Among them was notable scholars of the calibre of Abdull aala mawdudi, a scholar of exemplary scholarship and mind buckling insight into contemporary issues of his time. Also among was Hassan Nadwi a scholar in his own calibre as well as respected Senegalese and Malian scholars. Does it occur to any fair-minded person that, these scholars of distinctive pre-eminence will support a fatwa to denounce Qadiyanism and all its manifestations as kuffoor for petty reasons. Knowing very well that they will stand before Allah to account for their actions of pronouncing a sect haram when it is halal.

Hajj is for Muslims, not non-Muslims, moreover if a sect claim visiting Qidyan is 100X better than hajj, why does he then complained when a decision was taken to bar them from Macca and medina.

Ahamadis were welcomed and treated cordially since they were allegedly given permission by then minister Kalilu Singhateh. They build schools and hospital apparently for commercial and religious reasons, the Gambians tolerated and treated them like any other  minority. They were given more privileges in Gambia than in any country in Africa and Asia why. Because our people are very tolerant but more so, lack of knowledge about the true teachings of this sect. With glaring knowledge of their activities, they  did caused family divisions and in some villages; brother against brother and one Kabilo against another Kabilo. Now they are stepping above their minority status to reach a wider audience.
Mr President did ever hear murmurs of complaint about Ahmadi presence and activities in the last 30 years from out scholars, Why now, Mr President, It is because they understand the implications of issuing such a licence. In the future if more militants groups apply for license and you refuse, you make trigger a backlash against you rule. If such militant groups media presence proliferate, the very peace and harmonious relationship Qadiyanis enjoy at the presence may be jeopardized.

Also it may be possible that some undesirable elements may form political parties based on religion because their religious interest is ignored therefore Mr president let us apply prescience in addressing this issue and ignore constitutional messiahs in quest to preserve public order.

Mr president to throw a referendum on an issue like this is not feasible because of the cost and time involved and in the view of the pressing problems your government faces. If a referendum is conducted on approving TV for a minority of less than 0.5%, it will be most the wasteful enterprise any government had ever undertaken and shall end in a resounding NO.

Our prophet fight and kill all imposters who claimed prophethood yet he welcomed and lived happily with Jews and Christians why, do we have a better approach to deal with false claimants to prophethood than our noble prophet peace be on him.

During his time Musailima al-kazab, and a woman by the name Sarjah al-kahena claimed prophethood. He, peace be upon him fought them and were defeated during the time of Abu Bakr radhiallah anhu.

I will end this article by hadith from Imam Ahmad who narrated that prophet  peace be upon him said “verily by God, the last hour will not come until 30 liars claiming prophecy will appear and the final one will be the one-eyed false messiah”

Mr President I will urges you to seek council with your religious advisers  to deliberate on this issue before PURA approve the TV for the Ahmadis. This is an issue of profound national interest and require wisdom and tact to navigate between constitutionality and greater good, peace and security of our nation.

In sharia, there is a principle of legislation call Malaha al-mursala which means best interest of the public. That means sharia court may take a position on a case which is in the best interest of the society. Ask the ulama, they know the conditions of this principle.

My Dear president you are under Allah’s watch who will judge how  judiciously you expedite this onerous responsibility and you shall stand before Him to explain your actions. I pray that Allah give you the wisdom and courage to take a decision that preserve peace and harmony in our beloved land.

Bellow is small history of those who claim prophethood and what happened to them. I only mention 23 but it is 30 which is in tandem with the hadith of imam Ahmad. This is an excerpt from pages of rightful religion.


1 – Musailama al-Kazzab: Among the first false claimants to Prophecy was Musailama al-Kazzab, who appeared during the time of Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be blessings and peace) and his Companions and caused numerous troubles among Muslims and had many followers. He eventually surrendered along with his supporters in Al-Yamama battle, led by the first Caliph Abu Bakr, and was killed.

2 – Sajah al-Kahenah: Along with Musailama in falsely claiming Prophethood, was his wife, Sajah al-Kahenah, although she later reversed her position after her husband, Musailama, had been killed.

3 – Saf son of Sayyad: Another False claimant to Prophethood that appeared during the time of the Prophet and his companions, was Saf son of Sayyad. He claimed he was a Prophet when he was on the threshold of adolescence, and was initially believed to be the False Messiah, as his characteristics were the same as those of the False Messiah. He later repented and embraced Islam.

4 – Tulayha son of Khwailid: Tulayha was another of the false Prophets who appeared during the time of the Prophet and his companions, but later repented and returned to the fold of Islam.

5 – Aswad al-Ansi: Also during the time of the Prophet and his companions was another false Prophet, named Aswad al-Ansi. He was based in Yemen and was killed by the Companions of the Prophet.

6 – Al-Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi: A Shiite rebel, al-Mukhtar son of Abi Ubayd is also accused of being a False Prophet. He claimed to be a representative of the Mahdi. Millennialist connotations surfaced after Mukhtar’s rebellion, following his announcement to the people of Kufa that he was a representative of the Mahdi.

7 – Mahmud son of al-Faraj: In Samara, a false Prophet by the name of Mahmud son of al-Faraj appeared in 849-850 CE with a claim that a Quran was revealed to him through the angel Gabriel. He is reported to have some followers in Samara and Baghdad. He was executed on the orders of caliph, al-Mutawakkil.

8 – “Bab”: Another liar/false claimant to prophecy, and the predecessor of Bahaullah, was Mirza Ali Muhammad, who initially declared himself the “Bab” (Gate) to the Shiite’s Mahdi, and eventually progressed into other claims. He was embraced by the Shaykhis sect of Shiite , who were then renamed “Babis”. Subsequently, he declared himself to be the Shiite’s hidden Mahdi. After declaring himself the Mahdi, he moved on to call himself Nuqtiyiula and declared that the Quran and Muslim Shari’a were now abrogated. Shiite and Sunni scholars condemned him and Bab faced a series of imprisonment, trials, and indignities before being shot dead by a firing squad in 1850.

9 – “Bahaullah”: The self-proclaimed successor to the Bab, and another liar/false claimant to prophecy was Mizra Hussein Ali Nuri. In 1863 Hussein Ali, a prominent member of the Babi group, declared himself to be the person whom God will make manifest, whom the Bab had foretold. He also took the name Bahaullah (Glory of God) and formed a new religion, the Bahai faith. Bahaullah was banished from Persia and was eventually imprisoned in Akka-Palestine. There he wrote his main work, his Kitab-ul-Aqdas (Most Holy Book), and developed the doctrine of the Bahai faith into a comprehensive teaching.

10 – Elijah Muhammad: Elijah Muhammad, succeeding Wallace Dodd Ford, was another in the line of False Prophets. He founded the convoluted belief system based on ideas extracted from everything from Christianity to Masonry to Islam in Detroit, Michigan in the 1930s. He referred to it as the “Nation of Islam”.

11 – Kareem Agha Khan: In the early 1970s, another false-claimant to prophecy appeared within the Ismailia sect of Shi’ism, who proclaims himself to be a manifestation of God on Earth and a spokesman for Allah.

12 – Rashid Khalifa: Then we have another False Prophet, Rashid Khalifa, who came from Egypt, and claimed there to be an intricate numerical pattern to the Qur’an revolving around the number 19 in 1974. Because of this, he claimed to be a Messenger of God, alongside Prophets Ibraheem (Abraham) and Muhammad, and founded the group called “United Submitters International”, rejecting the Hadiths of the Prophet, and denounced ayahs 9:128-129 of the Qur’an. For many years he was the Imam at the Tuscon Mosque in Arizona, where he was later stabbed to death in 1990.

13 – Al Mizra Abbas: Another liar, Al-Mizra Abbas, in 1233 AH/1818 CE, appeared in Tehran, Iran and died in Palestine.

14 – Shabbatai Zevi: Shabbatai Zevi was one of the False Prophets who appeared during a desperate period of Ashkenazi Jewish history in the 16th and 17th centuries, promising to lead his compatriots out of tzuresdike golus (painful exile) to dwell with the Lord in Eretz Yisroel (the land of Israel). It neither turned out as prophesized, nor did the high hopes of the Jewish colonies in Brazil.

15 – Saleh son of Tarif Burghwati: Saleh claimed prophethood and Mahdihood in 125 AH. After ruling over his people for 47 years, in 174 AH he abdicated the throne in favor of his son.

16 – Abu Mansoor ‘Eessa: Abu Mansoor ‘Eessa claimed prophethood and Mahdihood in 341 AH and ruled over his people for 28 years.

17 – Al-Harith son of Said: Al-Harith son of Said claimed prophethood during the reign of the Umayyad caliph, Abd al-Malik son of Marwan. A number of royal soldiers were suspected of supporting him. He was executed in 698-699 CE.

18 – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian is a British-engineered false Prophet who appeared in India to quell resistance against the British colonialists. He claimed to be the Messiah as the similitude of Prophet ‘Eessa, the Mahdi, a Prophet, a Messenger, and the second advent of Prophet Muhammad simultaneously. He invited his fiercest opponent, Molvi Sanaullah Amratsari, to a prayer duel. He advertised his supplication to Allah pleading Him to annihilate the liar amongst the two in the lifetime of the truthful one, by Cholera or by Plague. He considered them to be the sign of Divine Anger and Punishment. Mirza subsequently died of cholera a year later.

19 – Muhammad son of Said: Muhammad son of Said is considered as one of the four infamous forgers of hadith. He distorted the hadith: “I am the seal of prophets and there is no prophet after me” by adding: “unless Allah wills {otherwise}”. He is reported to have drawn his own conclusions from this addition and claimed prophethood for himself. He was executed on the orders of Abbasid caliph, Abu Jafar al-Mansoor.

20 – Mahmoud Muhammad Taha: Mahmoud Muhammad Taha was also a false claimant to prophecy who was based in Sudan, and he tried with maximum endeavor to mislead normal people from their Islamic way of life until he was beheaded in 1985.

21 – Jasmin?: A more recent individual who has appeared, and could potentially be a False Claimant to Prophecy is Jasmin. He appeared in 1998 in Bosnia, claiming the War of Bosnia and Herzegovina was the Battle of Armageddon, and claims that he is the Messiah, tasked by God to introduce the human community into the “golden age”, and claims that his destiny has been described under the symbol and notion of a lamb.

22 – Dr. Dwight York: Another fairly recent false claimant to prophecy was Dr. York. In the late 1960s York, started calling himself “Amunnnubi Rooakhptah,” and founded various quasi-Muslim black-nationalist movements (among these was the Ansaarullah Community) based on something called the “Science of Nuwaubu”. In the 1990s, he changed his community from worshipping Allah to worshipping pagan idols. Soon thereafter, he claimed to receive divine revelation, forming his own cult of Nuwaubians, following, what they call, “The Holy Tablets”, with beliefs, based on pantheism, with an anthropomorphic view of Allah. In 2002, he was arrested and charged with child molestation. In 2004, he was convicted, and sentenced to 135 years in prison.

23 – Riyaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi: Another claimant to Mahdi hood and prophecy, is Gohar Shahi. He was born in 1941 in the Indian sub-continent. He had a traditional Sufi upbringing, and at age 34 he went on a 3 year spiritual retreat (which he says to have been under the guidance of a “divine spirit”) into the mountains of Sehwan Sharif. Afterwards, he returned (claiming it to have been commanded by God), and started to preach his message of “Remembrance and Love of God”, disregarding religion and its practices, also claiming that his image is implanted on the moon, gaining a significant number of followers. The Islamic scholars have since issued various legal opinions against him.

Written By Lamin Darboe, UK

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