Gambia: Do Not Kill Gamtel And Gamcel-Letter Writer Tells Gov’t


Dear Pa,

Regarding the transfer of the $2.5M that belongs to Gamtel, is really disturbing and we are surprised that this government is also contributing to the demise of Gamtel and Gamcel. These companies have been on the down slide since this vital source of revenue was seized from them by the former crook government and now the Barrow government. It constituted over 60% of their revenues and you can see how they are struggling.

They have huge problems paying suppliers and Gamcel is unable to expand due to this financial difficulty they have been facing. This $2.5M could have gone a long way in helping Gamcel expand their 3G network and improve their network quality.  Gamcel started before all other GSM companies but they are the worst now mainly due to the former government and now the new government too. By taking this monies from them they are deliberately killing them to give Africell the opportunity to grow. Government fails to realize that they are the only shareholder and have a responsibility to inject capital to keep the company moving if it has difficulties.

Government should not be interfering in the operation of the company at all just like in the first republic. They should only give them annual targets and assess them at the end of each year. They should leave them with their revenues and only as them to pay taxes and dividends at the end of each year. Why is government not equally taking the foreign revenue Gambia ports authority gets from ships anchoring at the ports.  Why is government not taking the foreign revenue that Civil aviation authority gets by the way of; land fees paid by aircrafts. Why only Gamtel. Government has to be fair to Gamtel and not bend on killing the company. I was sick when I heard he finance minister bragging that Gamtel was acting on behalf of government by collecting the monies for them.  What infrastructure do they own. This is why Gamtel and Gamcel are failing.  In the first republic, Sir Dawda never attempted to  even to do such and that was why Gamtel was number two in Africa only second to South Africa. Let Amadou Sanneh stop this nonsense and find other ways and means of getting money for government rather than killing these noble institutions in favor of Africell.

Worst of all, he also stop these companies from borrowing money from the banks.Please leave these companies alone to survive as thousands of Gambians depend on them for survival.  The minister of communications has good intentions for these companies, but the finance minister is the biggest danger to Gamtel and their families and something should be done now by staff to stop him from further destroying these companies. The former PS, Lamin Camara should be brought back to the ministry as he is a specialist in ICT and telecommunication. It was a wrong move to transfer him.

GOD SAVE GAMTEL/GAMCEL FROM THIS MONSTER AMADOU SANNEH. We count on the able S G to please save us.

Written By A Concerned Citizen.

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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