Gambia’s Vice President Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang is being economical with the truth, when she claimed during a dinner organized by the Nigerian delegation to the 62nd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the Nigeria House, New York that “if the Nigerian professionals in the judiciary withdraw, Gambia’s judiciary will collapse.” There is no iota of truth in what the VP has said. She doesn’t believe in her own statement. She used to be a leading advocate against the presence of the Nigerian mercenary magistrates and judges in the Gambia. She has in the past called for their removal from the country. Who is she trying to fool here? Perhaps, she is out to mislead gullible Nigerians.  Her bogus and fabricated statement does not represent the views of the true sons and daughters of the Gambia. We strongly debunk her latest quest to paint a negative image of our country. Gambians have had enough of the mercenary Nigerian magistrates and judges. We do not need a VP economical with the truth to relate our respective stories.  

A case in point was the jailing of the United Democratic Party Leader Ousainou Darboe and his colleagues at the UDP by a female Nigerian mercenary judge called Dada. VP Jallow Tambajang led a group of Gambian women to organize the famous “ Kalama revolution” outside the premises of the High Court in Banjul. She also protested the jailing of the late Solo Sandeng’s co accused persons by the Nigerian judges.

For the Gambian VP, to flatter the Nigerian government and her people, by making such false claims confirmed her lack of consistency as a public official. She has forgotten that the fake Nigerian magistrates and judges have done more harm than good to the Gambia and her people over the years.

It is now clear that Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang was only interested in securing a high paying government Executive position and nothing else. How dare she can insult our onetime oppressed nation in the name of appeasing the powers that be in Nigeria?

Her statement was not only condescending, but disrespectful to the victims of the Nigerian mercenary judges. She owes an apology to the Gambian people. Her statement is false and totally unfounded.

The Judicial assistance extended to the Gambia during Jammeh’s watch by the Federal Republic of Nigeria, was a complete disservice as far as the administration of justice is concerned. Nigerian state lawyers, magistrates, and judges were being micromanaged by the exiled dictator. In the process, innocent Gambians have been wrongly jailed, exiled, and properties seized—thanks to Jammeh’s Nigerian legal minds to use and abused.

The Nigerian magistrates and judges have been acting in concert with Jammeh to falsely jail our people. Gambian women suffered the brunt of the illegal imprisonment by the Nigerian mafia judges. Some got raped while under the custody of the NIA.

Our Madam VP has appeared on Freedom Radio Gambia on numerous occasions lamenting the undesirable activities of the Nigerian judges, including the state sponsored terror against our people during Jammeh’s era.  Her deliberate attempt to distort history is unacceptable to say the least.

Folks, Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow is dinning and winning with Nigerians in this new Gambia. Her family had a lot of business interest in Port Harcourt, in Nigeria. Time will tell.

No wonder, the Nigerian mercenary judges we time and time accused of aiding and abetting Jammeh, are still serving at the Gambian bench. VP Tambajang is praising them despite their past troubled history.

Gambians had good reasons to be offended by the VP’s false statement. Please join us to condemn her irresponsible and misleading statement. We rest our case.

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