Gambia: Editorial: How Many Patients Will Have To Die Because Of The Health Minister’s Refusal To Resign?


How many patients will have to die because of the Health Minister’s refusal to resign? How patients will have to die because we do not have a government that is responsive to the plight of the masses? How many patients will have to die before president Adama Barrow will come to the aid of collapsed health system? 

It appears that the government of the day is the least concerned about the plight of the patients admitted in our health facilities. If it does, the regime would have taken the necessary remedial steps to fill the current patient care vacuum left behind by the striking doctors. Many are dying in our health facilities due to lack of doctors.

The lame duck government has no contingency plans to resolve the current health crisis. It is pretending as if business is normal when it is not. Any responsible government would have by now come up with a plan B solution to avoid further loss of lives. But that’s not the case in the ongoing doctors strike in the Gambia.

Sadly, the homebased media is complicit in the government’s decision to downplay the magnitude of the doctors’ strike. Journalists are not covering the impact of the strike on patient care. Both the private and pubic media houses have turned a blind eye on the number of deaths the doctors strike is causing in our health facilities. Absurd, right?

President Barrrow stands to be accused of shirking his presidential responsibilities if concrete actions are not taken to remedy the situation. The death toll is increasing.

Mr. Barrow had two choices here: One, put the interest of the nation; doctors, and patients and fire the Health Minister; or two, put the Minister’s interest ahead of the nation.

Health Minister Saffie Lowe Ceesay should just resign for the sake of the dying patients. By all accounts, she has demonstrated that she lacks empathy, conscience, and ethical values. Shame on this mediocre so called Health Minister.

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