Gambia: If They Attack Me, And The President Online; They Are Attacking You Gambians-VP Jallow Tambajang Tells Women Activist Neneh Bojang


“If they attack me, and the president; they are not attacking us; they are attacking you the Gambia citizens. They are attacking you. Social media needs to be used as a positive instrument to help the government,” Gambia’s Vice president Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang tells Neneh Bojang. She lamented about the growing online opposition against the new government. She said those criticizing her and the president Adama Barrow are not criticizing them per say, but the Gambia and her people. Hence, she said such critics should be put on check for maligning the presidency on social media.

The Gambian Vice President is no doubt inviting hate against the critics of the government. She is making the appearance that the Gambia is all about the President and the Vice president; hence any dissenting voice against the duo should be construed as an attack against the country.

Such sentiments coming from the VP, are common in a country, in which the government has failed its people. She is now by default extending an open invitation to her supporters to tackle critics of the regime. Interesting times.

Dictator Jammeh was also operating with the same political perimeters calling his critics enemies of progress, and western agents. History is being repeated in the new Gambia.

The Gambian VP said their doors are open to the press especially Gambians, who are using social media as an instrument for communication. She said she would be more than willing to clarify issues with Gambians if contacted but was quick to add that the divisive and negative media coverage against the country should cease. She called for what she calls positive reporting.

Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow also complained about the publication of the government letter bearing the names of the delegates, who attended the UN Women’s conference. She said such a document should not have been published, but notwithstanding she said it was all over social media. The VP alleges that there are folks, who are obsessed with exposing the government; though she did not name names.

She also downplayed the number of the Gambian delegation to the UN Women’s conference saying that Gambia’s delegation was the smallest compared to Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and other nations. She said the Nigerian delegation was over 900 people, while Senegal was over 60 people. She also said both her and Trade Minister Isatou Touray did not claim per diem allowances in this trip.

The Vice President also said the Barrow government inherited virtually nothing in state coffers when it came to power. She said they do not have time to engage in flamboyant lifestyle as claimed in some quarters.

The VP used her interview with Neneh Bojang to settle scores with the diasporan media critical of the regime. She said she would want to see more positive reporting about the Gambian government than negative reporting. She also called on Gambians with connections to extend helping hands to the Gambia and her people. This could be in the form of investment; encouraging investors to invest in the Gambia; or donating second hand clothing, medicines, and food stuff.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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