Gambia: Gambia Female National team left stranded at a foreign airport sleeping

Gambia Female National team left stranded at a foreign airport sleeping.
From a concern fan “How can we win games when our players will travel en b waiting at airports for 10-12 hrs on transit…. How can we jus win huh”
Gambian female National team could have use the direct flights from Dakar to Burkina Faso, which is about four hours instead of using Morroco flight waiting time of 10 hours or so.
Burkina Faso female national team is travelling to Dakar and then a meni bus  to the Gambia, is not much easier as and wiser?  This is a pure administrative blunder.
While GFF secretary general is enjoying his D50,000 Dalasi minister salary on holiday in England and yesterday he was on a social media dinner with his wife in Birmingham, while that is not the case for our girls who are currently suffering at a foreign airport with no proper welfare giving to them, could someone remind the GFF CEO that this girls are our national pride and they need to be treated as our pride.
Instead our girls lounge at a airport holiday to wait for their flight, the said GFF CEO was enjoying dinner outing with the wife with less than four months since been appointed by Gambia football federation.
Gambia, who is more important?
1. Our footballers or the highest paid football person in the Gambia.
This airport blunder will affect our home Advantage and arriving in the Gambia day before the game is an administrative blunder by GFF CEO.
The actual reason for TATA urgent holiday in United Kingdom is to avoid Jarrankas travelling to the Gambia for their Jaliba Kuyateh concert in Pakalinding village, the CEO is not in good terms with Jarrankas in United Kingdom after they rejected his ambition for their sectary general post at UK Jarra association first ever meeting and since then he is avoiding Jarrankas in United Kingdom, he is worried what people will say if he do not attend Pakalinding Jaliba Kuyateh concert on the 15 Aprilwhile in the Gambia.
Should we trust praise singers to take our football forward?
Have your say The Gambia.
Written By Ousman Kinteh
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