Pa Nderry,

Look at the attached documents of the GAMCEL General Manager’s recent overseas trip. Do the simple math on the clearance document on the number of days from the 9th to the 18th April 2018 all the dates inclusive????????? If you can recall, this is the GM who was handpicked by Babucarr Sanyang and they were travelling the world together.

In her this recent trip it is indicated that the air ticket and accommodation will be bounded by the ITU. If that is the case and according to the GAMCEL service rule, and if approval has been given, then the perdiem to be paid should be 50%????????

The GM was given approval by the board to proceed on the trip without any cost to GAMCEL as she was initially asked to indicate the benefits GAMCEL will drive from the trip which she couldn’t prove. She continued sending SMS messages and calling the board members and even some close associates of the members were contacted pleading to them for her to have approval (I have the evidence in hand and will provide you with the conversations if the GM deny this).

After the board realized that it was her personal interest attached to the trip, they agreed to approve the trip without any cost to GAMCEL. She went ahead and gave an instruction to insiders to process the attached payment. See the attached request which should have been sent to the Director Human Resources, but it was not as it was in violation of the board’s decision.

Am not sure of the authenticity of the CLEARANCE LETTER from the STATE HOUSE but even if it is a genuine one then what authority do the state house have to dictate how the travel perdiem is paid to staff, again contradicts the service rules??????????

Pa Nderry, do you know that the state house received and had a dialogue with some corrupt and selfish GAMTEL/GAMCEL staff who are still fighting for the interest of Balla Jersey of MGI and the former MD Babucarr Sanyang. These staff and some insiders at State House fabricated stories and lies against the current MD Suso just for them to have their way with the CRIMINAL MGI CARTEL. They also went to the extent of making recommendation for the replacement of the Managing Director MALANG BASS, who is power hungry, arrogant and more selfish like the partner in crime BABUCARR SANYANG.

These are the staff and State House insiders who were PAID salaries and received …. from Balla Jersey when MGI was in operation at the gateway. Some of the staff are bent on sabotaging the system; especially at the ACE Landing station disrupting the international traffic and or in some instances diverting part of the traffic to undesired routes. All the evidences are snapshots of these are available with me and the team and will send them all to you to publish together with the pictures of some of the staff involved.

Will have to stop here for the moment as there is an investigation going on but let me make it bold that we as a team of key operational staff and DECENT staff will never see another UNQUALIFIED MD like BABUCARR SANYANG and SO-CALLED BUSINESS PARTNER BALLA JERSEY MGI and SELF CENTERED STAFF who want to spend their life bootlicking. Will provide you the list of the names of the UNGRATEFUL and SELFISH staff list as agreed.

The GAMTEL/GAMCEL Board Chairman has called for a Senior Management meeting next Monday claiming to have a briefing session with the team at GAMTEL House. We need answers to our plights or the company to continue to sink.


Written By Gamtel Insiders

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