Breaking news: Majority leader to resign after botched eye operation that left him significantly blind

By Sainey Darboe

The majority leader of the National Assembly and Kombo South  representative, Kebba K Barrow,will hand in his resignation in the next two weeks unless he makes a fundamental change  of mind following health issues, according to reliable sources.

A source close to the embattled politician who spoke on condition of anonymity, disclosed:

“ KKB has decided to resign from his position as a member of parliament and representative for Kombo South due to health problems. He has been rendered significantly blind which he thinks is the result of spiritual maraboutism by his enemies at the  National Assembly.

He is still able to muster some vision in his eyes, but anytime he goes to National Assembly he becomes blind and falls asleep involuntarily. He claimed to have consulted spiritual marabouts who told him the cause of his blindness was a result of evil spiritual ritual buried at the Assembly grounds so he has to resign to save his life”.

The source added family members are split with some urging him to hang on to his position, while others think he should step down.

In a recent interview with Flex Dan, KKB said that he had a medical operation, and was not supposed to be at work.

A source who spoke to Gunjuronline said the Majority Leader had a botched eye operation after years of suffering from cataract infection.

“ I think his blindness is to more to do with a long untreated case of cataract than  spiritual manipulation by anyone. I don’t believe that kind of stuff. The eye operation went wrong and he can barely see and that I think is medical than anything else”.

The majority leader has been at the center of Golden Lead Chinese company controversy due to his close links with the co-owner Alhagie Conteh. He stand accused of failing to address the issue of his constituents because of his close personal proximity to the businessman.

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