Good leaders are trailblazers, making a path for others to follow. Great leaders, however, inspire their people to reach higher, dream bigger, and achieve greater. Perhaps the most important leadership skill you can develop is the ability to provide inspiration to your team.

These doctrines are dead at Gambia immigration department under the Bossmanship of Buba Sagnia(Zeal). Instead of him being a unifier, he is disintegrating the fabric of most of his officers to the extent of real threats such as confronting cadet Assistant Superintendent of immigration Omar T. Camara not to ever enter in procurement office headed by Commissioner Kujabie. He’s malaising C/ASI O.T Camara simply because Mr Camara captured something during a briefing which according to (Zeal) he should not have captured.

Secondly, Mr Camara’s letter to the President where he clearly stated that Buba Sagnia is a stumbling block to reforms at immigration department due to his inability to deliver and finally Mr Camara’s letter to President Barrow which caused State intelligence agency(SIS) to investigate him on those allegations.

Your people are your greatest resource; listen to their feedback and encourage their dreams. You never know where your next great idea will come from, so empower everyone up and down the corporate ladder to contribute and innovate within GID.

Those surrounding you DG Sagnia are not going to offer you tangible advice bcuz they know how intoxicated you are with that position and they feel the fear factor of reprisals if they are to tell you the missteps you have taken since you became DG Gambia immigration department.

The Buba Sagnia that everybody like is when you were just Assistant Superintendent of immigration at the passport office but not as the Buba Sagnia DG now. Power has changed you significantly that you can’t even make meaningful progress in that department and the bunches of nonentities and butt lickers around you are just pleasing your ego in return for favors for promotions, closeness and whiles some say you don’t know what you are doing.

According to Robin S. Sharma, ” Leadership is not about a title or a designation. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation. Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.”

Therefore, Directors come and go but the office stays. The likes of Nia Ceesay, Abba Fabureh, Njie. Gassama, Jobarteh,Thamsir Jasseh, Musa Mboob, Sako Drammeh and Pa Abbabacarr Mboob have all been Directors of this noble institution but left and at no single time have they turned immigration Department into their family enterprise which you’re doing right now.

I watched one of your interviews with Check point(GRTS) chaired by my College Mate Abdul Aziz Sey. I was so embarrassed by your mere lack of expressing yourself to addressing the probing question and answer sessions pertaining to pertinent issues affecting Gambia immigration department. That interview was a tip of the iceberg and went a long way how incompetence you delivered and President Barrow should send home all “Education no far” Directors or retire them to avoid waste of tax payers money since these folks don’t have the decency to resign. (Not in Africa).

“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” —Nelson Mandela

C/ASI O.T Camara is not your enemy but he felt the people you surrounded yourself with needs to help you to succeed but they are doing the opposite. For instance, Chief Superintendent Essa Jawara is some empty mug that has nothing to offer to Gambia immigration department other than lies, deceit and making the institution not conducive for fine offices to work in. He neither express himself nor can he read or write but these are the folks given the highest ranks and opportunities within immigration today because he works for you at home and keep reporting officers to you as disloyal to your DG position.

“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss.The leader works in the open, and the boss in covert. The leader leads, and the boss drives.” Theodore Roosevelt. The officers at Gambia immigration department want you to be a leader but not a boss because right now as we speak you drove a lot of them away and it’s ruining your legacy. I’m saying all these to you because you know for a fact I don’t need anything from you as I’m already accomplished here in America thanks to Allah. Your officers have lost confidence in you and staff Morales are at its lowest ebbs. Only those around you think that you are doing great because of their selfishness.

“Leadership is not magnetic personality, that can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not ‘making friends and influencing people,’ that is flattery. Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.” –Peter F. Drucker.

Therefore, no single person should be marginalized in that department just because you felt what they wrote about you are bitter but yet the hard facts. All what C/ASI O.T Camara has highlighted in his letter “SILENCE BREAK OUT” has infact spoken for the silent majority of immigration officers. It will therefore be so foolish on your part to take it too personal or a form of direct attacks on you.

Attached herein are information, advice, Silence Break Out Part 1,2 and 3 respectively.

Ensa A.B Ceesay
Ex- Cadet Inspector
Gambia immigration Department

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention. 

Kunkujang Keitaya

West coast Region

18th January 18, 2018

Director General

Immigration Department

21 OAU Boulevard Street


Dear Sir,


The government departments and institutions are governed by rules and regulations with making reference to the General Order.

Sir, I wrote to you highlighting some of challenges that I want address in connection to the cadet rotations. I took the right procedure in line with professionalism and integrity.

Confrontations to the extent of insulting is against the General Order and should not occur between the senior and junior officer. Commissioner operations am disciplined, trained and nurtured into the society. Rudeness is not part of my habit and I don’t know it. Pursue your interest the way you want it but I will tell confrontation and personal attack don’t fit in good management system.  Director General should have the final say to the plights I forwarded. Rotate for what? When I worked at the borders and stations for more than four years

Officer Commanding Planning, I want you to note that you are not in competition with me. Am not you brother neither having sibling rivalry between us. Pursue your interest the way you want it and avoid me. I fixed and structured the planning unit and most importantly I drafted the Job Description for the first time ever in the immigration and standardized handing over template. If I should leave that office now there is something I can point at to say this is my product. What have you done in that unit? Where did you go during your cadet rotations? Only in refugee commission, Change your attitude. Don’t see you fellow and hate him. This is not a good habit of a Muslim.

Commissioner Banjul, it was not matter of getting money but this is something dealing with someone’s life, I have to protect it because my interest is in line with interest of the organization, capacity building.

Director Sir, I sensed something out of this and in this vein I am not going to observe the cadet rotations. The decision is yours.



Omar T. Camara

Immigration Department

CC; Operations, OC planning, commissioner Banjul, intelligence and O/C Permits and Aliens’ Card.


Kunkujang keitaya

West Coast Region

11TH January 2018

Director General

Gambia Immigration Department

21 OAU Boulevard Street


Dear Sir,


With reference to the cadet rotations as you stated earlier on that no two cadets should be in the same office during rotations. I would like to refer you back to the period when I was the officer commanding Policy and Planning Unit when Cadet ASI Amat Sallah came to this unit on rotation then I was having induction training with newly transferred officers to Planning Unit. When it comes to strategic management and planning, We were only three officers ( Comm. Omar Badjie, Omar T.Camara and Seedy Njie) trained by ECOWAS for one month through ministry of Trade Industries and Regional integration, which was geared toward strengthening the planning processes in Government Departments.

With the new adjustment on the cadet rotations, once again, refer you to dates shown against my rotation schedule, I and Cadet ASI Amat sallah will be on the same place and on the period, this will be on01/06/18 to 01/09/18 in LRR.Revisit these dates to avoid confusion. What motivated or prompted my rotation I knew it and I should not be penalized for task I was assigned to do as the minute’s taker.

I am not in the same level with the other Cadet Officers, by length of service and work experience when it comes to immigration,am now jamming into 14 to 15years with five years work experience with the Bachelor’s degree. Most of them are yet to work for three years in the immigration department. I am too de-motivated. I will leave everything in the hands of Allah.



Omar T.Camara


Gambia Immigration Department,

21 OAU Boulevard Street,


26th April 26, 2018.

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Interior

168 Plaza

Bertil Harding Highway


The silence Breakout Part 3

With reference to the above subject matter I write to remind you about unresolved case which was withdrawn from the office of the president. I could vividly remembered the letter dated 9th March 2018 from the office of the president which had given you green to go ahead in resolving this case. It is nearly two months nothing has done to resolve this case.

Permanent Secretary Interior, this case was thoroughly investigated by the State Intelligence Service (SIS) and the final report was submitted to the office of the president. It was a concluded case.

Yesterday 25/04/18, the Director General of the Gambia Immigration Department was labeling me as not legible officer of the Gambia Immigration Department and I should not be seeing in the offices of the Department. Director General, Permanent and the Secretary General where are my democratic and employment rights of the immigration department? All citizens have the rights to access the services of the Department much the legitimate employee of the department. He told me this in the presence of the Commissioner Finance and Procurement while I was solving some small problems.

Director General those senior officers who denied the Government of huge amount of revenue are the officers illegible in the offices of the GID and not the officer who is securing protection and fair play from the authorities. Your management has been fighting and denied me of any opportunity that comes to way by the grace of Allah. These whole issues started when the letter from Germany Government bearing my name as immigration liaison officer. GID cannot be managed and run on ties and family relations, it is a state department where all citizens who are employees have equal rights and fair treatment to realize their potentials.

Permanent secretary Mr Dibba, I please urge and beg you to refer this case back to the office of the president and we respect the investigation report from the State Intelligence Service as you don’t have time to resolve it. To avoid further attack by the Director General which may breed confrontations let’s respect the report of the S.I.S. This was an instruction from the SIS that I should report to my office as the investigation was going on.

I once again seek for the protection and fair play to the authorities.

Until I receive call or letter from the authorities I shall be sitting at home just to avoid confrontation with the Director General.



C/ASI Omar T. Camara

Immigration Department

Tel: 3535494

Cc; Secretary General

Cc ; Director General GID.


Kunkujang Keitaya

West Coast Region

22nd January, 2018

Office of the President,

H/E Mr Adama Barrow,

State House,


Dear Sir,

Silence Break Out

The struggle and fight for justice is difficult and hectic. As you yearn up to hold the principles of democracy and rule of law, may Allah easies the way to succeed in this endeavor.

Institutional reforms and restructuring are ideal to reflect and address some of administrative lapses and policies to enhance good governance and to rule according to the aspirations of the people of the Gambia.

Your Excellency, I must write to submit to your office the kind of Administration and management style of the Gambia Immigration Department. As good and concern citizen, I want to submit this silence break out to your office for the hygiene in the management of Immigration Department.

Sir, as you could recall, the main aim and objective of appointing the Deputy Director General from the UN Mission in Liberia was for the reform and restructuring of the Gambia Immigration Department.

Sir, you will be surprised to find out that the person you reinstated as the Director General of the Immigration and his “inner circulars” are the stumbling block for this task to be fruitful.

Any suggestions or inputs for reform and restructuring are rendered void and considered threats to their interests. Insubordinations by some senior officers of the members of “inner circulars” are many and when I captured these in the briefing minutes, I receive some kind of disciplinary actions as punishment that I should moved to CRR for rotations, of which I have not been part of it for two years why at this eleventh hour.

This is because I serve the same vision with the Deputy Director General of Immigration and I worked under him in the United Nations Mission in Liberia as immigration and Border security Advisor for two years building the capacities of the Liberia Immigration Department through training, mentoring and advisory sessions. I am not related to him, he is from Pirang and I am from Wurokang but have the same vision when it comes to immigration. Any officer closer to the deputy and have the same vision is seen as a threat to the Director and his “inner circulars”. This is not the best practice and it calls for redress. Let’s have professionalism in our management system.

Sir, I would like to tell the Director General that this is not helping the progress of the department we are failing the state and the people of the Gambia. Even promotions are based on ties and for those who will work for his interests and not for the interests of the organization. Could you imagine, I graduated from the university in 2013 up to date I cannot be paid the graduate salary. This is too discouraging. Suppression is too much. Decision makings are based on the consultation from the “inner circulars” and not with the Deputy Director General. This is not helping the immigration department.

My competence cannot be doubted. When I returned from the UN Mission and became officer in charge of Policy and Planning, I wrote the Job Description for the department starting from unit heads (commissioners) down to Border commanders and well articulated handing and taking over template as part of reform and restructuring activities. I have lot to offer to the GID in an enabling environment. These two documents were the first of its kind in the history of GID. Besides these, I represented the GID working with thematic working group on Human Rights, justice and security sector reforms in National Development Plan. Starting from the key intervention areas to the costing and monitoring and Evaluation were done by me. When it comes to strategic management I don’t fear anybody in the Gambia immigration department because I was part of those who were trained by ECOWAS through ministry of trade and regional integration which was aimed at strengthening planning processes in government departments.

I wrote several letters seeking for permission to complete my application processes with certain universities to pursue master’s program on Migration studies and other related areas but these were never considered. I sponsored myself at University of the Gambia without a single support from the GID. Looking for master’s degree approves to be a problem. Director General what are you planning for me? Every rule there is exceptional, am quite different from other cadets. Why should I go on rotation at eleventh hour? When I have not been part of the rotations for two years and when I was in charge of Policy and planning cadet Assistant Superintendent came to the unit on rotation, why you did not stopped that Cadet to come on rotation in the Planning Unit? This was because of the incident which happened during briefing, I should not face any consequence as the minute’s taker on this. I just captured what happened during briefing period.

With due respect Director General please this is not helping the department. We want to reform the Gambia Immigration Department please give us chance to go ahead. We made lot of sacrifices in Building the capacities of the Liberia immigration Service, why not the Gambia Reforms and restructuring must be no resistance.

It is too disheartening to notice that junior officers are being deducted for the land scheme of which they don’t know the future of it. During briefing this was discussed and we all agreed to do away with the land scheme. Some officers withdrew could not get their money and the deductions are still continuing. Letter was written to stop the deductions but Director General denied signing it simply because some of his inner circulars have vested interests in it. With due respect sir, this is not fine. I urge authorities to intervene, GID is perishing. Who will care for the plights of the junior officers?

I know with the publication of this letter, I may be recommended for demotion or dismissal from the PMO but I will wait for that patiently. I have my qualification as BA holder and skills. I shall leave everything the hand of Allah.

I wrote this between me and Allah.

With due respect Director General, what do you think we can solve these problems?

Thanks your excellence, permission to submit this silence break out.


C/ASI Omar T. Camara

Policy and Planning Unit

Gambia Immigration Department

Tel: 3535494/9992268.

Cc: Director General of Immigration

Cc: Secretary General and Head of Civil Servants

Cc: Permanent Secretary, MOI.


Kunkujang Keitaya,

West Coast Region,

06th February, 2018.

Office of the President,

H.E Mr. Adama Barrow,

State House


Dear Sir,

Re: Silence Break Out 2

I acted professionally for us to treat each other fairly. I am not a hypocrite neither to be meddling between the two Generals of the Immigration. What prompted this Silence Break Out were;

  • Several confrontations and personal attack by the inner circulars on this cadet rotation matters. Why should it be like that, when most of them have been seen my correspondence.
  • The threatening remarks and insults, that I am an idiot, rude, foolish and I will live to regret what I am doing.

Why Director general should I be insulted and threatened on this matter? Sir, with due respect your inner circulars have gone far above the limits. That was why I decided to avail myself to the protection of the authorities, because your” inner circulars” are too powerful. And anything that I wrote in the Silence Break Out, I wrote it between me and Allah. Is Allah who will protect me throughout in this matter.

Besides, I was not copied with the reactions to silence break out by the ten men team which was selected by the Director General but I will tell them that I have all the evidences to produce before the authorities on all issues highlighted in the Silence Break Out. The members of the team that reacted to the Silence Break Out I senior all of them by length of service, and I have more qualifications than most of them. I wish I could lay my hand on the copy of their reactions to the Silence Break Out. Let us reform, it is time for us to reform and restructure our approaches in executing the statutory mandate of the immigration. No wonder, those were amongst the officers who were recently promoted by the Director General.

The kind of promotion board that sits and decides on promotions does not exist in any organization. It is just by the name. What the board agrees on will not be the final decision which will come out but that of the Inner Circulars and the Director General.

At last it has come to the notice of the author of the Silence Break Out that deductions on Allahtentu Land Scheme will be stopped at the end of this month. I thank and praise Allah for this, but the question remains, when are we going to be refunded with our monthly deductions? The Silence Break Out was precise and timely.

None of your team members would deny the fact that I have been a graduate since 2013. The insubordination which happened during senior management Briefing on the 04/12/2017 I have the copy of the adopted minutes of which they are victimizing me for as a minutes’ taker. There exist no policies or rules for victimization. It was the task I was assigned to do.

Director General, I would like to remind the team you constituted to conduct orderly room in order to charge me, I am above charge sheet and it has never happened anywhere in police services therefore immigration should not be the first to start it. It is not professional and it violates the ethics and codes of conduct of the police.

We have seen people who were dismissed unfairly by the former president but reinstated fairly by His Excellency President so therefore let us treat each other fairly. We are all Gambians and the Gambia can only be developed by us. Let us reform and restructure our operations and management. So therefore I call for hygiene in all aspects of our operations.



C/ASI Omar T.Camara

Policy and Planning Unit


Tel: 3535494/9992268

Cc; Secretary General and head of Civil Servants

Cc; Permanent Secretary MOI

Cc; Director General the Gambia Immigration Department

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