Lizzie Eunson, the Independent Mayoral Candidate for Banjul, has raised the alarm bell ahead of the undeclared results of Saturday’s polling by alleging electoral fraud and rigging. In a statement issued few minutes ago, Ms. Eunson, charged that her electoral box at the St. Joseph’s polling station was allegedly rigged.

“I have visited 18 polling booths. All the boxes are secured good. But When I visited St. Joseph High school, I found my box opened. And there is no single pebble (voting marble) in the box.  So, there is fraud; there is election fraud. The IEC lady here is abusing me; very insulted; I am standing here; I have insisted that they must bring in a supervisor,” Ms. Eunson alleged.

Ms. Eunson is a former Banker. She resigned from her job and ran for Mayor in Banjul.

Also making similar electoral fraud charges is Ismaila Sarr of Team Luzzie. “ The box of Lizzie ST. Joseph’s high school opened and all pebbles missing. We are currently at the site. IEC, THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS,” said Mr. Sarr.

Reports of alleged voting buying was reported in Banjul. Those spewing the allegations have failed to adduce evidence to back up their allegations against one of the parties linked to the alleged malpractice.

The Independent Electoral Commission could not be reached for comment.

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