GDC’s doors remain wide open for both returnees and new members even the president of the Republic. We don’t close our door to the UDP or any political Party and if Barrow,Darboe ,Hamat Bah,Mai Fatty,FTJ are tired of the crisis in their parties ,they’re all highly welcomed in the GDC. Any politician is entitled to join any political party that he so desires to join. The GDC is for everyone. We don’t quarrel with anybody.We are still soliciting for more acceptability.
The ideology GDC represents is the ideology of existing for the sake of the people and not for selfish aggrandisement of a few leaders.The GDC is large and dynamic enough to accommodate many people of diverse backgrounds.That is why we remain the finest party in The Gambia .We are never going to stop anybody from leaving or victimise them after they have left.The truth of the matter is that you can’t blame some of them for leaving, because we don’t all have the same temperament.
There are some we will go after.Just as we are making contact with other political parties,we are also making contact with those who have left us.In the game, you need everybody but we know those that we will not touch. LOL.
You see, political party is like a police station, you don’t close the police station.If the defectors decided to come back, the party will look at their case and accord  them second chance.
Well, the party has a rule but right now, we have said `no victory, no vanquished’, but at the same time, we have to look at those that we will not allow into the `bedroom’. We can be talking in the `sitting room’ but when we enter the `bedroom’ we have to be sure that anybody that enters with us is not a snake.
Efforts will be put in place to reach out to people considered as “assets’’ to the party.
We know why we lost the last election.We are not going to do that anymore; we won’t make that mistake again.We have learnt our lessons.
It is imperative to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in any way just as it is also imperative that the loyalty, sacrifices, commitment and dedication of those who stuck with the party through thick and thin were not denigrated in any way.
A level playing field must be availed all members so that we avoid a situation in which we create many other problems while trying to solve one.
In words and actions, the GDC must continuously assure and reassure members that loyalty to the party does, indeed pay and is rewarded.
It is not out of place for me to advise the leadership to focus, among others, on evolving ways that would facilitate greater involvement of women and youths in politics.
I’m appealing to all members to eschew division and rancor and imbibe the culture of subsuming their individual interests into the larger interest of the party.
The GDC believed that vibrant, but decent and patriotic opposition was required to develop and mature Gambia democracy.
We must continue to show by our words and actions that opposition is no madness.
Bulli Sowe For the GDC
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